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Which type of maintainence ensures that equipment is ready and available at the time of need? Preventive
Which of the following is used to highlight trends, benchmarks, or safety conditions relation to maintenance equipment, personnel, training, or processes? Cross-tells
Who is the office of primary responsibility (OPR) for the Intermediate Repair Enhancement Program? Maintenance group commander
Which maintenance capability category is performed at backshop level and consists of off-equipment maintenance? Intermediate
All requests for depot level assistance must be coordinated through Quality Assurance and Plans, Scheduling, and Documentation
What do you call wing-level maintenance facilities providing intermediate-level maintenance repair support for multiple Air Force units within a particular theater of operations? Centralized Repair Facilities
What program promotes identifying and correcting system deficiencies before they affect combat capability? Reliability and Maintainability
Which category of Deficiency Report should you submit if the equipment has a deficiency that if uncorrected, may cause major loss or damage to equipment and no workaround is known? 1B
Which Maintenance Group agency provides technical assistance for Deficiency Reports to work center supervisors? Quality Assurance
Which of the following is used to assign responsibilities, direct actions, and prescribe procedures within a subordinate function (i.e., a staff office, a branch, a squadron, etc.)? Operating instructions
When Operating Instructions (OI) apply to multiple groups, they should be published as wing OIs
Which AFTO IMT is used to maintain a permanent history of significant maintenance actions on end-items of equipment? AFTO IMT 95
Printed copies of the AFTO IMT 95 are not required to accompany end items upon transfer AFTO IMT 95
Printed copies of the AFTO IMT 95 are not required to accompany end items upon transfer to/from locations that have access to the necessary maintenance information systems to retrieve the historical information
What AFTO IMT is used to document accumulated cycles, operating time, and maintenance history, as well as pertinent manufacturing data for jet engine turbine wheels? AFTO IMT 95
Which IMDS-CDB subsystem provides the capability to track engines and their components for time-changes and inspections and establishes and maintains the installed-on relationship between the engine and components? Comprehensive Engine Management System
Which Integrated Maintenance Database System-Central Database (IMDS-CDB) subsystem allows users to track maintenance actions and has both maintenance and supply data? Maintenance Events
Which IMDS-CDB subsystem replaces the MDC system and provides maintenance personnel with the online capability to document, inquire, and produce retrievals of maintenance actions? Job Data Documentation
Who guides the overall Data Integrity Team process and ensures the data provided to maintenance managers and supervision is meaningful and factual? Maintenance Management Analysis
In addition to being familiar with the unit’s assigned weapon system(s), squadron representatives for the Data Integrity Team must be at least a 5-level
What provides a measurement of unit performance and capability? Metrics
What are the two most common types of primary maintenance metric indicators? Leading and lagging
Which primary maintenance metric indictor shows problems first, as they directly impact maintenance’s capability to provide resources to execute the mission?
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