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Chapter 2

Cells and Tissue

Cell membrane Sounds and Protects the Individual cell
Nucleus Small, Round structure within the cell containing chromosome and nucleoplasm
Chromosome Liner strand made of DNA carring genetic information
Cytology Study of cells including formation, structure, and fuctioning
RNA (Ribonucleic acid) Contained within the nucleus, is transcribed from DNA by enzymes and protein synthesis
Gene Specific segment of base pairs in chromosomes; functional unit of heredity
Mitosis Cells divided and multiply to form two cells
Cutaneous Pertaining to the skin
Dermatology The study of skin
Dermatologist Physician specializing in the disease of the skin
Decubitus Pressure ulcer/bedsore
Ecchymosis Condition in which blood seeps into the skin causing dicoloration
Hypodermic Pertaining to under the skin
Intradermal Pertaining to within the skin
Jaundice Yellowness of the skin
Melanine Pigment giving color to the skin
Melanoma Pigmented tumor of the skin
Pediculosis Infestation with lice
Subcutaneous Pertaining to below the skin
Tinea Ringworm (a fungal infection of the skin
Alopecia Loss of hair
Follicles Specialized structures required for hair growth
Hair Follicles Scas holding the root of hair fibers
Hair Papilla Knoblike indentations at bottom of air Follicles containing the blood supply to hair root
Lunula Little moon area of nail
Nail Body Visible part of nail
Nail Bed Skin below the nail-epidermis and dermis (Sterile matrix)
Onychitis Inflammation of nail matrix
Ankylosis Condition of stiffing in the joint
Arthralgia Pain in joint
Arthritis inflammation of the joint
Arthrodesis Surgical fixation of the joint
Bursitis inflammation of a bursa
Carpal Pertaining to the wrist bone
Chondral Pertaining to cartilage
Chondralgia pain around and in the cartilage
Coccygeal Pertaining to coccyx
Connective Tissue connection or binding together
Dactylic Pertaining to finger or toe
Femoral Pertaining to femur or thigh bone
lliac Pertaining to the ilium
Kyphosis Abnormal curvature of the thoracic spine (humpback)
Lordosis Abnormal anterior curvature of spine, usually lumbar
Metacarpal Long bones of the hand that form skeletal structure of the palm
Osteoblast Bone forming cell
Osteocarcinoma Cancerous tumor of the bone and cartilage
Osteochondritis Inflammation of bone and cartilage
Osteopenia lower than average bone density, can be a precursor to osteoporosis
Osteoporosis condition resulting in reduction of bone mass
Osteorrhaphy Suture of bones
Patellar Pertaining to Patella
Phalangeal Bones of the fingers and toes
Scolliosis lateral curvature of spineq
Sternotomy Surgical incision of sternum
Tendonitis Inflammation of tendon
Anginal Relating to spasmodic attacks of suffocating pain as related inflammatory of the throat or mouth marked by chest pain
Angiocarditis inflammation of heart and vessels
Angioplasty Surgical repair of the vessels
Arteriosclerosis Hardening of an artery
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