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Draft a Memo

What do you use a memo for? Use the memo for internal Coast Guard (i.e., between offices and field units), Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Defense (DOD) units and all other federal agencies on official matters.
The second and succeeding pages will automatically contain what? If the memo is two or more pages, the subject line (Subj), the date and the SSIC will automatically appear on those pages.
What manual does the CG use for SSIC? SECNAV M-5210.2
How many SSIC major subject groups are there? 13
What SSIC subject group is 7000-7999? Financial Management.
What SSIC subject group does Operations and Readiness fall under? 3000-3999
What date do you use on correspondence? Type or stamp the date on the same day the correspondence is signed. Leave out the date when preparing correspondence that may be signed on a later day or in another office.
What date format is preferred? Follow day-month-year order w/out punctuation, abbr the month in three letters with only the first letter capitalized, and use two or four digits for the year (3 Sep 97). Variations are perm for date stamps.
When using dates in text, what is the format? Abbreviate months and years in any heading of a memo. In the text, spell out months and years (3 March 1997). In the text, the year may be omitted if it is understood (our meeting on 9 April).
Can you sign a memo “by direction”? No
Who do you address correspondence to? Address correspondence to the office or commanding officer of a unit. Be consistent in using staff symbols, or titles in the To, From, and Thru lines. For example, if you use staff symbols in the “To” line use them also in the “From.”
The subject line of a memo is usually how many words? The subject is a sentence fragment that tells readers what the memo is about, usually in 10 words or less. Craft the subject to make it genuinely informative.
Created by: Sansha
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