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Mbr Data

If the Honor or Award Code is not present when adding an award, how do you proceed? Contact COMDT CG-1221 to initiate the process of having it added to the database.
When adding an award, what link do you click on from the Direct Access Home Page to begin? Person Profiles
What 2 fields are required when entering a member’s award? Issue Date: Enter the Date the award was granted to the member. Status: This field defaults to “Active”. Do NOT change this field Optional criteria include: From Date, To Date, as well as Grantor.
Upon receipt of what 2 items do you update a member’s competencies? Competency Code Assignment Letter from Unit Commanding Officer. Other form/correspondence authorizing assignment or removal of a competency code.
If you are unsure of the competency code you wish to enter, or cannot locate it, where can you look for the different types of competency codes? The Competency Dictionary
Who enters the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) results and Foreign Language certifications? The ESO (Educational Service Officer)
When entering new licenses and certifications for members what 3 fields are required? The Issue Date, the type of license, and the status which you will leave active.
How long must a member wait to retest a part of the ASVAB? 6 Months
Most unit training will be automatically updated from what system? TMT (Training Management Tool).
Upon receipt of what are you able to update a members training history? Career Development Worksheet (CG-2030)
Created by: Sansha
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