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Stack #24814

zchapter 3 vocabulary

abrasion scrapin away of a portin of skin by injury or mechanical means
acne inflammatory disease of the sebaceous follicles of the skin
alopecia absence or loss of hair, baldness
carbuncle deep seated pyogenic infection of the skin involving subcutaneous tissues
comedo blackhead, dried sebum
contusion bruise, skin not broken
cyst closed sac or pouch in or under the skin
decubitus ulcer prolonged pressure, bedsore
ecchymosis large, irregularly formed hemorrhagic area, with lots of color bruise
eczema itchy red rash, weeps or oozes
furuncle infected hair follicle, boil
hirsutism excessive hair growth, especially in women
impetigo imflammatory skin disease, isolated pustules crusty and ruptured
petechia minute, pinpoint--smaller version of ecchymosis
psoriasis chronic itchy red patches silvery scales, dry
scabies contagious, itch mite
tinea dungal skin disease, ringworm
urticaria allergic reaction, wheals, hives
vitiligo loss of skin pigment, milky white patches
wart growths, caused by fungus
biopsy removal of small piece of living tissue for diagnosis
chemical peel also called chemoabrasion, use of chemicals to remove outer layers of skin
cryosurgery subfreezing temps, liquid nitrogen - destroy abnormal tissue
debridement removal of dead or damaged tissue to promote healing and prevent infection
dermabrasion removal of acne scars tattoos...etc... using sand paper or other abrasive material
electrodessication high-frequency electrical sparks to dehydrate and destroy
incision and drainage cut and drain of lesions
macule flat lesion...freckle, mole
papule elevated lesion solid filled... wart pimple,
nodule elevated lesion solid filled... extends into the dermal layer
tumor elevated lesion solid filled...
wheal elevated lesion solid filled... hives insect bites
vesicle elevated lesion fluid filled... shingles, poison ivy
bulla elevated lesion fluid filled... 2nd degree burns,
pustule elevated lesion fluid filled... acne, furuncle
excoriations depressed lesions... scratches,
fissure elevated lesion fluid filled... small slit cracklike sore
ulcer elevated lesion fluid filled... open sore, basal cell carcinoma
Created by: sistermary789