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PS1 Ch.4 gen. knwldg

prostart 1 practice test questions chapter 4

Who handles all daily operations in a kitchen establishment? chef de cuisine
In a European style fine dining establishment, who is in charge of explaining the menu to guests, taking their order and any table-side preparation? the captain
How does a baker's scale or balance beam scale work? A set of weights allows one to balance the product against a known weight.
What is professionalism? being courteous, honest and responsible with coworkers and customers
The bread baker is also called the ... boulanger
A toque is a chef's _______________. hat
The garde-manger is also known as the______________ chef. pantry
Doing work that needs to be done without being asked to shows -____________ ____________________, personal responsibility
Which section of the kitchen prepares salad, sandwiches and other cold food? garde-manger
What is a standardized recipe? one that can be used by anyone who reads it because it is clear and on a set format
How many fluid ounces are in a cup? 8
How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? 3
At what temperature in Fahrenheit does water boil? 212 degrees
At what temperature in Fahrenheit does water freeze? 32 degrees
At what temperature in Celsius does water boil? 100 degrees
At what temperature in Celsius does water freeze? 0 degrees
What term describes the amount of space an ingredient takes up? volume
How many cups in a pint? 2
What do grams measure when using the Metric system? weight
120 milliliters is the same as what customary or standard measurement amount? 1/2 cup
This person is passionate about food, has studied food and continues to learn about the art of cooking. culinarian
The amount of a vegetable that has been trimmed and cut but before it is used in a recipe is called ... edible portion
The amount of an ingredient as it came from the supplier is called ... as purchased
When you have all ingredients measured and prepped on your counter and you are ready to cook, you have finished your ... mise en place
Created by: debrahadley