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Anatomy- Senses

What body system are the sense organs part of? Nervous system
In what form do sounds enter the ear? Sound waves
What structure in the ear contains tiny hairs that are sensitive to vibrations. The cochlea
What structures of the ear aid in balance? Semicircular canals
What structue of the eye regulates light that enters the eye? The Pupil
What nerve carries impulses from the photoreceptors to the brain? The retina
What structure of the tongue contains taste buds? The papillae
What are the chemoreceptors for smell that line the nasal cavity called? Olfactory cells
What are the free nerve endings that sense pain? Nociceptors
What is the outer part of the ear called? The pinna
What is the medical name for an ear drum? The tympanic membrane
What structure of the ear equalizes pressure? The eustachian tube
What is the tough outer layer of the eye called? The sclera
What is the clear outer layer of the eye called? The cornea
What is the inner part of the eye called? The choroid
What part of the eye is responsible for the color? The iris
What structure is behind the pupil? The lense
What structure is the photo receptor of the eye? The retina
What causes farsightedness? When the eye focuses on the incoming image too late and causes a blurry image.
What causes nearsightedness? When the eye focuses on the incoming image too early and the image is out of focus by the time it hits the retina.
What type of corrective lense would be used for farsightedness? Convex lenses.
What type of corrective lense would be used for nearsightedness? Concave lenses.
What causes taste perception to be altered when it comes to having a cold or other infection of the nose or ear? The nasal, auditory, and oral cavities are connected and when one is affected, the others are affected as well. In other words, the sense of smell aids in tasting and when there is no sense of smell, there is a very bland sense of taste.
Created by: Martinafulgieri