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Special Pay, Incentive pay and Allow

How do members request BAH rate protection? Submit the Housing Allowance Protection Worksheet (CG-2025A) to the Coast Guard Personnel Service Center (CG PSC-psd-fs), Arlington, VA.
Do officers receive DMR? No. An officer is required to pay cash for meals obtained in a Government mess.
Who determines BAH rates? The Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee (PDTATAC) determines adequate housing costs in a Military Housing Area (MHA) for all members of the Uniformed Services entitled to BAH.
Which date does the BAH change take effect when a ship is changing homeport? On the home port change effective date.
Are common-law marriages valid for receiving BAH entitlements? Under laws of certain states, a com-law marr may be entered by persons who do not obtain a license to marr or go through certain other formalities. Com-law marr entered in those states are considered valid if they are contracted in accord with state law.
When is FSH authorized? If Government quarters are not available for a member assigned to an OCONUS PDS, and dependents do not reside at or near the duty station, then FSH is authorized
How long are dependents allowed to visit the member while receiving FSH? Depn may visit OCONUS PDS up to 90 days w/out chg to allow. When exc 90 days, it is deemed to be residing w/mbr. W/depn allow is chg to the PDS loc and FSH stops. If depn subsq dpt the area after w/depn allow are chg, the mbr may req a deter from CG-1222
Can a member assigned to an OCONUS sea pay eligible vessel receive FSH? No, Government quarters are available aboard the vessel.
What is the maximum amount of time a members dependents can receive BAH following the member’s death in the line of duty? 365 days
Is FSH authorized in conjunction with a government expense ERD? If Government quarters (barracks or shipboard) are not available to the member after their dependents departure, FSH-B or FSH-O for the member’s PDS location is authorized effective on the same day that BAH at the with-dependents rate begins.
What is the monthly amount payable for FSA? $250.00
What is considered a social visit for FSA-R, FSA-S, and FSA-T? R: no longer 90 days S: The visit exc 30 days, ent ends the day preceding the depn arr, unless the visit is ext bc of ill or other emerg. Such circum, pay of S is limit 30 days. T: Ent cont while the mbr’s depns visit at/near the TDY cont 30 days/less.
What type of clothing allowance are officers entitled to? All officers are entitled to an initial allowance upon their first appointment as an officer (Temporary or Regular) or as a permanent warrant officer.
Who is authorized a personal money allowance? Commandant-$333.33 Admiral -$183.33* Vice Admiral-$41.67 MCPO-CG -$166.67
What is the maximum FSSA payable per month? $1100.00
What is the maximum hardship duty pay authorized monthly? No more than $150.00
How many feet does a vessel have to be to qualify for career sea pay? 65 feet in length or more.
When does CSPP start? The 37th month.
What tax is CSPP subject to? Federal and State.
What is the rate for hostile fire or imminent danger pay? $225 monthly.
What are the rates for SDAP? Level…..Rate SD-l…..$75 SD-2.…$150 SD-3….$225 SD-4.…$300 SD-5.…$375
When are members notified of CSB? Six months prior to 15 years.
Created by: Sansha
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