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Where can you find the checklist for Reenlistment, Extensions and Re-extensions? Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual
What is the definition of an Active Duty Reenlistment? 1 The enlist of any person who prev served in the AD CG will be considered a reenl. 2 The enlist of CG Res members who are serving on extended active duty and who have served on extended active duty for 12 months or more will be considered a reenlistment.
What is the definition of a reserve reenlistment? The enl of any pers who prev serv in CG Res will be consid reenl. The enl of any pers CG Res who has not prev serv CG Res will be consid an orig enl, even though they may have prev serv in act CG. This incl mbrs who disch AD CG & enl w/in 24 hrs CG Res.
What are the periods of an Enlistment and Reenlistment? Active duty enlistments and reenlistments shall be for periods of three, four, five, or six years.
In step 5 of the Checklist for Reenlistments or Extensions, what is the form name and number that must be filled out and forwarded to the SPO? Career Intentions Worksheet, CG-2045
The initial interview is conducted how many days prior to the member’s EOE and documented on what? Six months, CG-3307 Eligible & Recommended for Reenlistment SEP-07A*, Not Eligible but IS Recommended for Reenlistment SEP-07B*, Eligible but Not Recommended for Reenlistment SEP-07C*, Not Eligible and Not Recommended for reenlistment SEP-07D*
How many weight probationary periods can a member have during the current period of enlistment to be eligible to reenlist? Have no more than three weight probationary periods during the current period of enlistment. If a member reenlists while on weight probation that probationary period shall be recorded as the first probationary period of the new period of enlistment.
Who has the authority to refuse Reenlistment? For both AD and res mbrs, the enlisting officer may refuse to reenl a mbr when they have become cognizant of any valid objection to the mbr's reenl by reason of circumstances not known at the time of disch, or which have arisen since discharge.
Who has the authority to administer Oaths? Auth to admin oaths for AD reenl: 1 Any comm or CWO of any comp (incl Res or ret) any Armed Forces, 2 Any CPO or PO1 who is the RIC and is auth, 3 MCPOCG or Commandant-design or MCPOCG-design CMC, or 4 Perm assigned officer in charge of a unit.
Will an enlisted member holding a temporary appointment as a commissioned officer be discharged upon expiration of enlistment? No, an enlisted member holding a temporary appointment as a commissioned officer will not be discharged at the expiration of enlistment, which is postponed for the period the member continues to hold the temporary appointment.
The total of all extensions of enlistments may not exceed how many years? Six years.
Under 10 U.S.C. § 12103, when a war or national emergency declared by congress begins what can the Commandant of the Coast Guard do to all reserve enlistments in effect which would otherwise expire? The Commandant of the Coast Guard can extend all reserve enlistments in effect until six months after the war or national emergency ends, whichever is later, unless sooner terminated by the Commandant.
SELRES/IRR mbr on AD ords or appr for drills has intend to reenl but isn’t avail to rpt for reenl the day following the EOE, the dist cdr is auth to ext their enl w/mbrs consent, for a period not to exc _ days, to permit reenl the day following disch. 60 days.
When can the Commanding Officer or Officer in Charge require a member to have a physical examination prior to executing an extension? Not req prior to signing an ext of enl. However, the CO or OINC will, prior to the ext, review the mbr's health rec and req the mbr to undergo a physical examination when evidence in the record or personal knowledge indicates a potential health problem.
Can an extension agreement be canceled after it has begun? No, A properly executed Agreement to Extend Enlistment, Form CG-3301B, is a valid modification to an enlistment contract and reflects a commitment by both the government and the member.
What is the Operative date of an extension? Unless canceled for one of the reasons in Article 1.B.6 of this manual, an agreement to ext enl becomes operative on the date following the normal date the enl expires or the enl expiration date as voluntarily ext or as ext to make up time not served.
Created by: Sansha
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