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Change in Dependency

1. There are four areas in Direct-Access which need to be updated when a member reports a change in marital status (due to divorce, annulment, or death of spouse) or death of a dependent. They are: SGLI+FSGLI, Dependent Information, Personal Information, Entitlements
How long is the 2020D required to be maintained in the SPO PDR? 6 years 3 months
Which Sections are optional on the 2020D? Section 2 Person to receive allotment of pay if missing or unable to transmit funds and Section 3 Beneficiary for death gratuity.
What is the CG 2020B, and what is its purpose? Full time student statement. It is supporting documentation for a member claiming a child over the age of 21. It must be used with the Support Statement CG 2020A.
When a member cancels spousal coverage, how long does the coverage remain in effect at no cost? 120 days
What is the purpose of the dd 1172-2? To determine entitlement to ID Cards, medical care, exchange, theater, and commissary privilages. It also updates the DEERS database.
What is the payment order of precedence for unpaid pay and allowances? Beneficiary designated CG-2020D. Spouse. Child(ren) and descendants of deceased children by rep. Parents, or to the survivor of them. Duly appointed legal representative estate, if none, by state law.
Why would a member need to complete a BAH Dependency Worksheet? Gets Married, Separated or Divorced, Has an incapacitated child who turns 18, Gains or loses a dependent (e.g., after a dependent dies, marries or divorces and reverts to dependent status, questionable case of dependency.
True/False: A ch out of wed to AD mom for which mil dad pays supp. AD cust mom norm claims the ch for BAH and is either auth a w-depn BAH or assn to fam Gov qrts. The dad supp is not auth a w-depn BAH on pays supp, or BAH-DIFF if assn to single Gov qrts. True
True or False: A member is entitled to a housing allowance for a spouse in a military service of a foreign government. This applies even though the spouse is furnished quarters or paid a monetary allowance in lieu of quarters by that foreign government. True
Are common Law marriages valid for dependency purposes? Yes Under laws of certain states, a comm-law marr may be entered by pers who do not obtain a license to marry or go through certain other formalities. Comm-law marr entered into in those states are valid if they are contracted in accord w/state law.
Are Foreign National divorces always valid? No, A divorce obtained in a foreign nation may or may not be recognized as valid in the United States depending on several factors.
Created by: Sansha
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