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1st year Medieval

1st year medieval

instrument for knights to practise jousting on quintain
the fence seperate knights who are jousting tilt
part of a knights armour chainmail
time you had to have fires put out by curfew
stage of training for a craftsman apprentice
organisation who ran each trade guild
hobby involving hawks who hunted birds hawking
paid by girls family in an arranged marriage dowry
place on top of castle where soldiers attacked enemies from battlements place
part of castle where kings family live keep
why was the feudal system set up for control
the medieval period started after the end of what empire? roman
a weapon with a spiked ball on the end of a chain mace
stage two of a knights training squire
event outside the town walls, once a year - like a festival fair
type of sowing done by ladies embroidery
a courtyard in castle bailey
the walls around outside of a castle curtain walls
what is it called when you surround castle did occupants come out to fight or surrender? siege
the thing a journeyman had to make to become a mastercraftsman masterpiece
Created by: iliketibet