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What does BCMR stand for? Board of Corrections of Military Records
What CFR establishes the DHS Board of Corrections of Military Records? 33 CFR 52, Sets forth the procedure for applying to the BCMR for correction of a military records of the Coast Guard.
What form is used to apply for correction of military records? DD-149
Who is responsible for the PRRB and details members to serve on the board? The Assistant Commandant for Human Resources
Who will the PRRB not accept applications from? Personnel who are retired or separated from the Coast Guard.
Under the cognizance of the Director of Personnel Management, the PRRB will consist of at least how many members? It will consist of at least 3 ad hoc members.
What must applications be supported by when filing for a PRRB/BCMR? Applications must be supported by relevant and reliable evidence. Such evidence should include the sworn statements of relevant witnesses, including the applicant, detailing the information they have and their basis for it.
What is the time limit on PRRB applications? PRRB applications must be received by Commandant (CG-12) within 1 year of the date on which the contested information was entered into the official record.
What does PRRB stand for? Personnel Records Review Board
In item 8 of the DD-149 what should be identified? The alleged erroneous or erroneous document or omission in the record should be identified specifically. State in detail the correction desired and other relief sought, if any.
Where is the completed package mailed to and how many copies are sent? The original and 5 copies are mailed Commandant (CG-12) Attn: Personnel Records Review Boards, U. S. Coast Guard 2100 2nd Street, SW Stop 7801 Washington, DC 20593-7801
Who has final disposition if a PRRB? In most cases, the Director of Personnel Management will take final action on recommendations of the PRRB involving active duty members and the Director of Reserve Leadership will take final action on records concerning reservist.
What is the normal filing limit for applications for BCMR? The normal filing limit for applications to the BCMR is three years from the date of discovery of the alleged error or injustice.
Who will act as the president of a PRRB? The Deputy Director of Personnel Management or a designee will act as a president of the board.
Who will be a part of the PRRB if the error is alleged in an officer evaluation report (OER)? A member from the Coast Guard Personnel Service Center for active duty personnel and/or a member from Reserve Personnel Management Division if a reservist record is being reviewed.
Who does the burden of proof lie upon? The burden of proof is upon the applicant
Applicants desiring to have a record corrected by the PRRB prior to the date of selection or promotion board should do what? Clearly state that desire on their application and should ensure that the application is submitted well in advance of the scheduled convening date of the particular board.
What happens if the PRRB cannot take action on an application? The president may either send the application back to the applicant or forward it to the BCMR.
Created by: Sansha
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