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Overseas Travel Screening

How many days does the command have to interview member and spouse? Within ten days after receiving authority to transfer a member to OCONUS duty, the command’s designated screener must interview the member and spouse to determine their and any dependents’ suitability for OCONUS duty.
How many days does the command have to send the complete package to the entry approval authority? COs and OINCs are to ensure a copy of Checklist for OCONUS Screening and the endorsement portion of the OCONUS Screening for AD Depns is faxed to the entry approval auth for the receiving unit, w/in 5 days after completion of the OCONUS interview process.
What requirement must be met before member can receive PCS travel orders? Entry appr auth pts are req to acknowledge receipt of Checklist and Screening for AD Depns by endorsing it and forwarding a copy via FAX, email or regular mail to the mbr’s orig unit. Mbrs will not be issued PCS trvl orders until this requirement is met.
Who is the entry approval authority for CG Academy, OCS, DCO graduates without dependents? All Coast Guard Academy, OCS and DCO graduates without dependents who do not anticipate acquiring any dependents while en route to their OCONUS duty station will have their entry approval granted or denied by Coast Guard Academy.
Who is the entry approval authority for all recruit training graduates without dependents? Training Center Cape May will be the entry approval authority for recruit training graduates who do not have nor plan to acquire dependents while en route to their OCONUS duty station.
How long must a member have no involvement with alcohol after a rehabilitation program to be considered suitable for OCONUS duty? Mbrs w/doc history of unresolved alcohol abuse will be considered unsuit for OCONUS duty. Mbrs who successfully compl an alcohol rehabilitation program and no alcohol involvement for one yr after the program are judged suitable for OCONUS duty.
How many months previous to the screening will a members performance be evaluated? A member’s history of demonstrated unsatisfactory or marginal performance in the previous 24 months renders them unsuitable for OCONUS assignment.
How many months previous to the screening will a members discipline be evaluated? A history of courts-martial, non-judicial punishment, or involvement with civil authorities in the previous 24 months may disqualify a member for OCONUS duty. A one-time major offense (e.g. a felony) in the current enlistment disqualifies the member
Are single parents with dependents disqualified for OCONUS Duty? The unique situation of single parents with dependents does not in itself disqualify them for OCONUS duty.
How many years previous to the screening will a members history of indebtedness be evaluated? Members with serious financial problems or indebtedness, which have not been resolved with the creditor(s) or interested parties, or a documented history of indebtedness over the last three years will be considered unsuitable for OCONUS duty.
Must a member complete a checklist for each dependent? Members must complete a checklist for each dependent.
If the member elects to not move their dependent and then at some later date desires to move them, who must complete the required screening? Member previous unit/ or closest unit if dependents moved to a different city/state
When for any reason a commanding officer considers a member or any dependents unsuited to duty OCONUS, who do they contact to withhold orders? When for any reason a CO considers a mbr or any depns unsuited to duty, they will withhold the orders and immed rpt the circum to CG PSC-OPM/EPM in suff detail to enable proper disposition.
Created by: Sansha
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