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Admin Discharge Package

How many types of discharge are there for characterized separation? What are they? Five: Honorable Discharge, DD Form 256 CG, Separation with honor, General Discharge, Discharge Under Other Than Honorable Conditions, Bad Conduct Discharge, or Dishonorable Discharge.
When does an Uncharacterized Discharge apply? An Uncharacterized Discharge applies when separation is without specific character. There is no certificate for this type discharge.
How many formal reasons for discharge? What are they? 14: Enlist expires. Service obligation fulfilled. Conven of the Govt. Dependency or hardship. Minority. Disability. Unsuitability. Security. Misconduct.
Court-martial sentence. Entry-level separation. For the good of the Service. Care of Newborn Children.
What are the reasons for an Honorable Discharge? Enlistment expires. Service obligation fulfilled. Convenience of the Govt. Dependency or hardship. Minority. Unsuitability. Misconduct (except involvement with illegal drugs or obstructing drug urinalysis testing by tampering). The Commandant so directs.
After 30 June 1983, what must the member’s minimum characteristic average be in each factor over the period of the enlistment? After 30 June 1983, the member must have a minimum characteristic average of 2.5 in each factor over the period of the enlistment. Article 12.B.48.b. of this Manual contains directions for determining the final characteristic average.
When a general discharge is issued, the specific reason shall be stated on what type of documentation? When a general discharge is issued for one of the reasons listed in Article 1.B.2.f. (1)(a) of this Manual, the specific reason shall be stated in an entry on an Administrative Remarks, Form CG-3307, entry in the member's PDR.
What are the reasons for a General Discharge? Id'd as a user, poss, or dist of drugs or para; or tamp w/drug urinal samples, supp, or docs; CO may rec a disch other than honor con in severe circum, incl, tamp w/evid in drug seizure cases or dist drugs for profit, to other CG mbrs or to minors.
What are the reasons for a Discharge Under Other than Honorable Conditions? miscon, sec reas or good of Serv if an admin disch board appr a recomm for a disch or the mbr waives right to brd action. A disch will be iss in lieu of trial court-m only if Commandant deter an admin disch will best serve the interests both Serv and mbr.
What are the reasons for a Bad Conduct Discharge? A bad conduct discharge, separation from the Service “under conditions other than honorable,” may be issued only as a result of an approved sentence of a general or special court-martial.
What are the reasons for a Dishonorable Discharge? Separation from the Service under dishonorable conditions; a dishonorable discharge may be issued only as a result of an approved sentence of a general court-martial.
What is the reenlistment code RE-3? RE-1 Eligible for reenlistment. RE-2 Ineligible for reenlistment due to retirement. RE-3 Eligible for reenlistment except for a disqualifying factor. RE-4 Not eligible for reenlistment.
Physical Examination are required for every enlisted member, except who? Before retirement, invol sep, or RELAD into the Ready Res (selected drilling or IRR), every enl mbr, except those disch or retired for physical or mental disability, shall be given a complete physical examination in accordance with reference (d)
How long are physical examinations good for? All physical examinations for separations are good for 12 months.
When members are being discharged for enlistment expiration or being RELAD when shall their physical examination be given? To allow additional time to process enlisted members being discharged for enlistment expiration or being released from active duty, the physical examination shall be given at least six months before separation from active duty.
When processing unsatisfactory performers who has the final discharge authority? Final discharge authority rests with Commander (CG PSC-EPM-1).
How long must a member be assigned to a unit before they can be discharged for unsatisfactory performance? The member must be assigned to the current unit for at least 180 days.
Before discharging a member as an unsatisfactory performer, what must commanding officers show? To discharge a mbr as an unsatisfactory performer, commanding officers must clearly show the mbr has been given the proper direction to improve his or her performance and adequate time to demonstrate he or she could become a productive service mbr.
How must commanding officers notify members who performance record is such that they may be eligible for discharge? CO's must notify in writing mbr whose perf rec (12 mths preferred, but at least 6 mths for extremely poor perf) is such that he may be elig for disch under this Art & that his unsat perf may result in disch if that perf trend cont for the next 6 mths.
What Reenlistment Code are given for unsatisfactory performance? RE-4 (not eligible to reenlist). The mbr's unsat perf is due primarily due to personal conduct. RE-3 (unsat perf). The mbr's overall perf of duty is the reason for disch, and the CO determines the member may be eligible to reenlist at later date.
When should the commanding officer the right to counsel for unsatisfactory performance? Consult with a mil lawyer for an explanation of rights before sending the disch recomm to the District Comm, Superintendent, CG Academy, Logistics/Service Centers, or Comm (CG PSC-EPM-1). The mbr may consult a civ counsel of choice at his own expense.
What type of discharge can be given for Convenience of the Gov’t? A member being discharged for the Government’s convenience shall be given an honorable or general discharge, as appropriate, under Article 1.B.2. of this Manual.
What are the reasons for Discharge for Unsuitability? Inaptitude. Personality Disorders. Apathy, defective attitudes, adjustment disorders. Unsanitary Habits. Alcohol Abuse. Financial Irresponsibility.
What are the reasons for Misconduct? Civilian or Foreign Conviction. Pattern of Misconduct. Commission of a serious Offense. Drugs. Fraudulent enlistment.
When a member is discharged as uncharacterized, are they given a DD-214? No discharge certificate will be issued to a member awarded an uncharacterized discharge. Only a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, DD-214, will be issued.
Can a member request discharge for the good of the service? An enlisted member may request a discharge under other than honorable conditions for the good of the Service.
Can a member have a civilian as legal counsel? A mbr who indicates a desire to submit a req for a disch under other than honor cond for the good of the Serv will be assigned mil counsel. If the mbr elects civ counsel at own expense, the record shall indicate the civ counsel’s name, address, and quals.
What is the definition for a void enlistment? Intoxicated. Insane. A deserter from the U.S. Arm For. Enl after has recv orders for induction. Judicially coerced into an enl under the circum existing in U.S. v. CATLOW, and Enl as a result of recruiter miscon under the circum existing in U.S. v. RUSSO.
When a member has a void enlistment do they get a DD-214? Prepare Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, DD Form 214.
How many days of active duty must a member have to be qualified to wear the Honorable Discharge Button? The Honorable Discharge Button shall be issued to a member who has served more than 30 days of active duty or active duty for training and is discharged from an original Coast Guard or Coast Guard Reserve enlistment.
If a member wants a review of their discharge, what form must they submit and how many years do they have to submit? Req for review of a disch must be sub w/in 15 years of disch on Application for Review of Discharge, DD-293.
Created by: Sansha
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