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vocab mod d week 3

angle for venipuncture 25 degrees
angle for ID injection 10-15 degrees
angle for SC injection 45 degrees
angle for IM injection 90 degrees
diastolic bottom number in blood pressure reading
why don't you use the thumb to take pulse your thumb has it's own pulse
first step in using a non mercury thermometer clean with alcohol
systolic top number in blood pressure reading
how many leads is an EKG 12
what is Peak flow meter, how do you use? patient inhales deeply and blows as hard as possible into device
what is a baseline no electrical charge or activity. straight or isoelectric line
what is an electrocardiogram EKG recording of electrical activity of the heart
what is precordial leads v1-v6
what is augmented leads ra, la, rl, ll
how many layers of artifacts(deflections) 2
Created by: driddle73