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ADT, IADT, ADOS or T10 T14

Which US Codes confer authority to recall reservist to Active Duty? Tile 10 and Title 14
Are reservists exempt from the 60 day limit for Lump sum leave payments who are demobilized from Title 10 orders? Upon demobilization, remaining leave balances may be sold,even if the member previously sold 60 days of annual leave during his/her career.
Where are reservist released when mobilized from Title 10 orders? CG Manpower Mobilization Support Plan, recalled Res shall be RELAD at the same site which they were initially ordered to report. Exceptions may be granted on a 'case-by-case' basis. (dxr)s shall be the app level for these exceptions as requested by units.
At the end of a members mobilization status how many situations may arise in regards to medical readiness? Two: A mbr may be physically fit for mil duty, but require further medical evaluation or treatment prior to release from active duty. A mbr may be found not physically qualified for separation or retention and not physically qualified for military duty.
If a reservist is continuing active duty (e.g. immediately begins a new set of orders following completion of mobilization orders) when does the demob process begin? It does not begin until the new set of orders are completed.
Regardless of the length of service, when are personnel released from active duty issued a DD-214? Pers RELAD following call-up, part mobil, or full mobil, Pers ordered to AD in time of national emerg declared by either the Pres or Cong, or in time of war declared by Cong, shall be issued DD-214 upon RELAD, regardless of the length of active service.
What is Reserve Title 14 Mobilization? Title 14 U.S.C., Section 712 provides auth to effect invol recall of ready res to AD in sup of domestic natural or manmade disasters. Res may be involuntarily recalled for a maximum of 60 days in any four-month period, or 120 days in any two-year period.
Who reviews and approves reserve mobilization orders in DA? The appropriate District (dxr)
Following the approval of the orders by the District(dxr), what must the SPO do? The SPO must endorse the order and submit transactions to start pay and allowances.
For orders more than 30 days in duration what BAH –RC code must be used? For orders more than 30 days duration, the BAH-RC code “W” (none) must be used.
What are single members on a ADOT period of 31 to 180 days or ADT period of 31 to 139 days considered for BAH/OHA purposes? Single mbrs on a ADOT period of 31 to 180 days or a ADT period of 31 to 139 days are considered on TDY. They are authorized a housing allowance based on their principal place of residence location zip code at the time called/ordered to active duty
What are the travel entitlements for Title 14? Transp allow to reimburse the costs for tvl from the place ordered to AD and return to that place. Upon completion, mbrs who perform tvl from their out-processing point to the place from which ordered are entitled to reimburse for eligible expenses.
What are the entitlements based on separate order sets? If ordered to a consec perd of ADOS-AC follow 14, mbrs are entitled to transp from place from ordered to duty and, upon compl of that duty, transp back to the place from ordered to AD. If tvl is not perf btwn 14 and AC, no transp reimburse allow are auth.
Are reservist authorized TAMP (Transitional Assistance Management Program)? TAMP provides reservists and their dependents 180 days of transitional health care benefits upon completion of orders for contingency operations as defined by Title 10 U.S.C. 101(a)(13).
What is the eligibility for TAMP while serving on non-contingency orders? For TAMP eligible reservists who execute non-contingency orders in excess of 30 days, such as ADOS, TAMP eligibility continues to run concurrently with the orders.
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