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Non Compliant Weigh In

If a member is found noncompliant with weight and body fat standards, the following limitations and restrictions apply: 1. Withholding of Advancement, Promotion and Frocking. 2. Assignment Restrictions. 3. Resident Training Restrictions.
When a member is non-compliant upon commencement of training, what happens? They may be disenrolled and rtn to unit if the prob period assigned to the mbr exceeds the length of the school. “A” school may be reassigned by PSC back to their units.
What are the steps if a member is found non-complaint immediately prior to graduation? Allow the mbr to complete the trng but w/hold the cert, adv, and/or qual until the mbr is compliant. The mbr on prob and will: be assign a design, not entitled enlist bonus until compliant, and be trans to fill the PO pos for the trng/needs of service.
What documentation is required for a member that is non-compliant? All members found non-compliant with Weight and Body Fat Standards during any weigh-in must sign the form CG-3307 documenting their non-compliance unless covered by an abeyance or exemption as listed in chapter 5 of this Manual.
What is the exception to required documentation? An authorized abeyance or exemption spanning the entire month of April or October equates to compliance and will not be counted as a “strike” per chapter 4 of this Manual or documented as non-compliance.
How many days does the member have to meet with medical and a UHPC? Non-compliant mbs must schedule an appt with medical and complete a form CG-6050 within 30 days of a non-compliant weight screening. Failure to complete this requirement in a timely fashion may result in administrative and/or disciplinary action.
What may happen if you fail to meet the deadline for meeting with UHPC and/or medical? Commands may consider failure to complete any of these req w/in 30 days a failure to demonstrate reasonable progress and such failure may result in discip and/or administrative action. Contact the responsible RFRS for guidance regarding reserve members.
If a member achieves compliance prior to the 30 day deadline, are they still considered non-compliant for that weigh-in? They must still comply with paragraph 3.B.1. of this Manual. All doc of the mbr’s non-compliance shall remain in the mbr’s PDR. If the non-compliance was the result of a semiannual, it shall count as a strike for the purposes of the “three-strike rule.”
When does the probation period begin? Probationary periods begin immediately upon a non-compliant weigh-in.
If a member is 32 pounds over and 9 % over how much time would their probabtion be? 32 weeks, you would choose a period based on pounds?
Created by: Sansha
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