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Emergency Leave Request

What is circumstances warrant emergency leave? Death of a mbr of the serv mbr/sp immd fam. Presence contribute to welfare of a dying mbr of the serv mbr/sp immd fam. Serious ill of a mbr of the serv mbr/sp immd fam. Failure to return will cause sev/unusual hardship to the serv mbr, hhold, or immd fam.
Who is considered immediate family? Father, mother, person standing in loco parentis, spouse, children, brother, sister, or only living relative.
Define in loco parentis. A person who stood in place of a parent for the mbr 24 hours a day for a period of at least 5 years before the mbr became 21 years old or entered military. Provided home, food, clothing, med, and necessities, furnished moral and discip guid and affection.
Is a grandparent considered in loco parentis if the parent live at the same residence? No, A grandparent or other person normally is not considered to have stood in place of a parent when the parent also lived at the same residence.
How much emergency leave can District Commanders and CO’s grant for Officers and Enlisted? Officers: NTE 30 days at any one time, Enlisted: NTE 60 days at any one time.
Who is authorized emergency leave travel? Mbr Permdu OCO, Assn to OCO ship/unit op or OCO dom who is permdu/init trng CON. Depn: comm spons & resides OCO w/mbr, auth to reside at an OCO loca & for mbr recv station allow while mbr is permdu OCO & the mbr is permdu OCO or, OCO dom & is permdu CON.
Define Domicile. Domicile is a member’s HOR or place: From which first called (or ordered) to active duty, Of first enlistment, or Of permanent legal residence. A member’s domicile is only relevant to personal emergency transportation if the member is stationed in CONUS.
Are cadets/midshipman eligible for emergency leave travel? No
What is the only authorized transportation mode for emergency leave? Reimbursement is auth only for air transportation, and ground transportation between interim airports. Reimbursement for ground transportation between PDS/Home/destination and the airport is not authorized.
MBR is TDY away from homeport and is authorized emergency leave, what are they entitled to? Travel and per diem for round trip travel to emergency leave location but no per diem while at location on emergency leave.
MBR tdy away from homeport and is authorized emergency leave travel from TDY location/ship to? PDS, Homeport, or other location if authorized emergency leave as determined under DODI 1327.06 (Leave and Liberty Policy and Procedures) for DOD Services and/or Service regulations.
Emergency leave travel to “other” location while TDY is authorized NTE what? Cost to the PDS or Homeport
What must be used if available for travel? Space A travel - A member may use commercial transportation only when space-available government transportation is not reasonably available to them and/or their dependents or if it does not satisfy the emergency circumstance.
Who funds Emergency Leave travel? The Coast Guard assumes the cost of emergency leave travel, as authorized above, whenever any of the conditions specified in Article 2.A.5.d. of this Manual exist.
Created by: Sansha
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