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Reserve Participation Standards

All members in the Ready Reserve (SELRES or IRR) and ASL who are qualified for non regular retirement are required to attain how many points each anniversary year? 50 points
How many days of active duty are SELRES members required to complete per fiscal year? 12 days
Members who have served more than three months of involuntary active duty under Title 10 may participate in, but are not required to resume IDT drills in the first 60 calendar days after RELAD. Such reservists must resume IDT drills within how many days? 90 days
Who is authorized to waive ADT-AT requirements? Commanding Officers and Officers in Charge
SELRES and drilling IRR members are required to notify their units in writing if they plan to travel outside the United States, what will the notification include? Type of travel; Dates; Countries visited; Force Protection Condition/Terrorist Threat/Criminal Level; Dep of State Travel Warning/Restr; Country/Theater clearance message required; ATFP Level I training completed; and Emergency Contact Info.
Are members of the IRR required to complete the ASQ? Yes
Participation is also considered unsatisfactory when members of the SELRES acquire how many unexcused absences from scheduled inactive duty training periods within 12 months? 9
When are SELRES members required to complete their ASQ? Between 1 August and 31 October annually
Reservist who fail to report shall be separated for? Misconduct
Counseling for unexcused absences must begin with which absence? The first
Created by: Sansha