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Pay & Allow/transp IDT, RMP, ATP FHD

What is Inactive Duty and what is its purpose? Inactive duty is authorized training or other duty performed by reservists not on active duty. The primary purpose of inactive duty is to provide individual mobilization and unit readiness training in accordance with reference (b).
Can Inactive Duty be performed in designated Imminent Danger Areas? Inactive Duty shall not be performed in designated Imminent Danger Areas.
Can eligible survivors of reservists be entitled to death gratuity should the reservist die while performing IDT? Eligible survivors of reservists may be entitled to a death gratuity in accordance with reference (a), 10 U.S.C. §1475 should the reservist die while performing IDT, in transit to or from their IDT duty station, or staying overnight between successive day
How many types of Inactive Duty are there and what are they? There are four types of inactive duty performed with pay or without pay as illustrated in Figure 2-1. Inactive Duty (IDT), Funeral Honors Duty (FHD), Readiness Management Period (RMP) and Additional Training Period (ATP)
Can IDT Drills be batched together? IDT drills are generally spread throughout the year (four drills per month), but they may be batched subject to command approval and funds availability. Except as specifically provided by Commandant (CG-131), the authorized number of paid IDT periods for
When reservist are on active duty for more than how many days or more not be able to make up drills for that period of active duty? Reservists serving on active duty for a period of 30 days or more may not make up drills for that period of active duty.
What is the rate of pay for a single drill? Shall be paid at a rate of 1/30th of the monthly basic pay of the pay grade held on the date that the drill is performed, in accordance with reference (l), 37 U.S.C. §206;
How many hours is a single drill? Shall be four or more hours in duration for paid IDT, or not less than two hours for retirement points only;
What is the rate of pay for a multiple drill? Shall be paid at a rate that is equivalent to two single IDT drills
How many hours is a multiple drill? Shall be eight or more hours in duration for paid IDT, or not less than four hours for retirement points only;
What are Additional Training Period (ATP) used for? Periods of additional inactive duty authorized to provide SELRES sufficient time in addition to scheduled IDT and ADT to qualify for competencies. An ATP represents a course of training to meet gaps in training requirements for mobilization.
Can you combine an ATP with an IDT drill? Yes, May be combined with an IDT drill.
What are Readiness Management Period (RPM)? Periods of additional inactive duty authorized in excess of scheduled IDT drills for Ready Reserve (SELRES or IRR) members to accomplish training preparation or unit administration and maintenance functions.
Can RMP’s be performed for without pay? RMPs may be performed for pay or without pay.
Can a member use an RMP for a Command Drug and Alcohol Representative (CDAR) screening? Yes, Screenings directed by a CDAR.
What are RMPs not authorized for? Ind mbrs monitoring unit level readiness compliance; Trng for quals to meet currency recert req; To attend ceremonies (e.g., COC, CCTI, ret) unless the mbr is part of the off party (honoree, presiding official, master of cere); or Unit augmentation.
How many hours must an RMP be in duration? Must be a minimum of three hours in duration per period, but not exceed 24 hours in one calendar day, not inclusive of travel to and from regular drilling site. If scheduled duties do not meet the minimum three hour duration, the unit must assign other ap
Can you perform an RMP with any inactive duty type? No, Will not be performed on the same day as any other active or inactive duty type.
Can Funeral Honors Duty (FHD) be in conjunction with mulitple ATP? Shall not be utilized in conjunction with multiple IDT or ATP, or Active Duty. However, if a single IDT drill, ATP, or RMP is scheduled for the same day as FHD, the IDT, ATP, or RMP must be completed prior to or commence after the FHD is performed.
How many retirement points can a member earn for an FHD? Reservists who perform authorized FHD will earn one retirement point not subject to the annual inactive duty points cap, and commensurate pay ($50.00 stipend), if the duty is of two hours or more in duration, in accordance with reference (o), Coast Guard
When should inactive duty orders be issued to a member? Normally, orders should be issued at least one month before the scheduled duty period or periods to allow the reservist time to provide notification to civilian employers and make necessary arrangements for family matters.
What information is required at a minimum on inactive duty orders? A signed screen print from DA “Schedule Drills” can be used. If another method is used in add to the DA, the orders must include, at a min: the res by name; Dates, beg/end times for each, and type of drill; Purpose of duty; Location of duty; and Meals.
Can members be reimbursed for travel while on Inactive Duty? Members are not authorized to receive reimbursement for travel between their place of residence and their normal drill site when under inactive duty orders.
When reservists are ordered to locations other than their drill site, what type of orders are they given? Reservists who are ordered to locations other than normal drill site must be placed on TDY orders and receive entitlements in accordance with JTR.
A member who performs consecutive mulitiple drills and who travels more than 50 miles, are theyauthorized berthing? Members who must travel more than 50 miles to perform multiple drills, ATPs or RMPs on consecutive days are authorized berthing between the days of duty;
Created by: Sansha
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