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What percent can be advanced for a HHG move (DITY)? A monetary allowance, equal to the constructed expenses for transp arranged under par. 5210D4. A monetary allowance, equal to the constructed expenses, NTE 100% of the GCC arranged under par. 5210-D5a. 60% of the monetary allowance under par. 5210-D5b.
How much weight can a member with command sponsored dependents have in unaccompanied baggage? NTE 2,000lbs
How much weight can an unaccompanied member, who is normally assigned to furnished government quarters, have in unaccompanied baggage? UB is authorized NTE 10% of the member’s authorized weight allowance (or the administrative weight limit shown in App W of the JTR, whichever is less).
How much weight can an unaccompanied member, who is NOT normally assigned to furnished government quarters, have in unaccompanied baggage? Unaccompanied Active Duty Members not normally Assigned to Furnished Bachelor Enlisted Qtrs or Bachelor Officer Qtrs. UB is authorized NTE 2,000 pounds (or the administrative weight limit shown in App W, whichever is less).
Is PBP&E and authorized medical equipment counted against the UB or HHG administrative weight allowances? No
Can a member have HHG re-transported? No, HHG transportation must not be made for a member’s convenience to some other place for re-transportation later.
How many days is SIT paid for at Govt Expense? Incident to a HHG shipment, SIT NTE 90 Days
How many lbs is a recruit authorized to ship back to their HOR when uniform clothing has been received? A recruit, required by service regulations to dispose of civilian clothing when uniform clothing has been received, is authorized transportation of up to 50lbs of civilian clothing to the HOR
A W4 with dependents is authorized what weight allowance? 17,000lbs
How much weight is an E5 without dependents authorized? 7,000 lbs
How are administrative weight allowances established? a. HHG are supplied at the PDS, or b. There is extremely limited space for HHG in Gov’t Qtrs/private sector housing, and c. There is limited storage for excess HHG.
If the HHG weight or the UB weight cannot be determined using all authorized methods, how is the weight determined? 7lbs per cubic foot for all shipments
What is the time limitation on HHG Transportation? Unless otherwise prescribed in the JTR, a mbr's HHG transp auth may be used anytime while the order remains in effect and prior to receipt of another PCS order, as long as the HHG transp is incident to the member's PCS rather than for personal reasons.
What is required for a member to ship a POV from a CONUS to CONUS PDS? W/in CONUS may be auth for mbr/depn use when: change in a ship’s home is auth, or elig mbr on a PCS btwn CONUS PDSs: Is phys unable to drive (a depn’s inability to drive does not satisfy this criteria), or is insuff time for the mbr to drive to the PDS.
What is the weight limit for POV Shipment? When authorized, one POV, NTE 20 measurement tons, may be transported at Gov’t expense.
Can a member to member combine weight limits for POV shipment? The 20 measurement tons limitation may be combined to transport one larger POV at Gov’t expense in lieu of transporting two POVs for an eligible member married to member couple during the transfer of both members, each under a PCS order.
If a member’s POV is not delivered on the designated date, how much is the member authorized for a rental car? May not exceed $30/day beginning the day a mbr first rents a vehicle after the designated delivery date, and runs for 7 days or until the date the member's POV is available for delivery to the member, whichever occurs first. The max reimbursement is $210.
When is POV transportation not authorized? 1. No dependents, 2. No dependents eligible for transportation at Gov’t expense, or 3. No dependents being relocated incident to the PCS.
Can POVs be shipped as PBP&E? No.
Is a POV shipment authorized even if the POV can be driven? POV shipment may be authorized even though the POV can be driven between the OCONUS PDSs. For example, a member PCSing from Germany to Italy may be authorized POV shipment.
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