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What are the 4 major categories of performance factors? Military, Performance, Professional Qualities, Leadership
What pay grade must the supervisor be? Enlisted, the supervisor must be at least one pay grade senior to the evaluee: The command may designate a E6. A sup who is a E6, desg XPO, does not have to be one pay grade senior. Civilian, must be an official designated as the mbr’s supervisor.
What pay grade must the Marking Official be? The marking official will be an officer, civilian, E7, or E6. However, an E6 must be designated as an executive petty officer. A marking official who is a designated executive petty officer does not have to be one pay grade senior to the evaluee.
What pay grade must the Approving Official be? The approving official must be a Coast Guard officer, officer in charge (E-7 or above), or Coast Guard civilian who is the official supervisor of the marking official. Note: If necessary, the approving official can fill the role of the marking official.
What is a Regular Enlisted Employee Review? Any annual or semiannual employee review.
When would you do an Unscheduled Enlisted Employee Review? The term “unscheduled” is a category which includes: adv, change in rate, discipline, CORC, probation, reduction, reserve ADOS, SWE, and transfer.
Who provides appeal and policy guidance on EERs? Commandant (CG-133)
What is Commander (CG PSC-EPM) or (CG PSC-RPM) responsible for? Monitors Policy and all applicable inst and policy govern the EERS. Inquiries. Resp to mbr and comm req to policy. Direct phone inquiries to (CG PSC-EPM-1/RPM). Stats. Conducts statistical analysis of servicewide marking patterns to assist in system disci
What is Commanding Officer (CG PPC (ADV) responsible for? provides administrative quality control of all enlisted employee reviews.
When are E-1 marks due? E-1/2 January (all) & July (AD only) E-3 February (all) & August (AD only) E-4 March (all) & September (AD only) E-5 April (all) & October (AD only) E-6 May (all) & November (AD only) E-7 September (all) E-8 November (all) E-9 June (all)
EERs have to be in DA no later than? Regular enlisted employee reviews may not be delayed. The unit rating chain is responsible for ensuring complete reviews are acknowledged by the evaluee and completed within Direct Access not later than 30 days after the enlisted employee review period en
When should the Evaluee submit EER input to Supervisor? No later than 14 days before the end of the marking period
When should the supervisor route the EER to the marking official? no later than nine days prior to the period ending date
Can the Approving official authority be delegated? No
What circumstances do not require a Regular EER? A reg or unsch EER was compl w/in 92 E6 below, 184 E7 above, or 19 active/inactive per for res before the end of a reg end date. Been assign to a new sta for fewer than 92 E6 & below, 184 E7 & above, or 19 active/inactive per for res on a reg end date.
How long must a reservist be TDY for the TDY unit to conduct the EER? The unit eval TDY to compl and submit the eval’s reg EER when eval has spent the last 92 or more. The perm unit prov supp doc for the eval. Eval has less than 92 of the rev period, it is the respon the temp unit to prov the eval’s perm unit w/ supp doc.
What recommended marks need supporting remarks? 1, 2, 7
Can the approving officials decision on the advancement recommendation be appealed? The approving official's decision on the advancement recommendation is final and may not be appealed. However, if the approving official learns new information and decides to change the recommendation.
When must a unsatisfactory mark be assigned? NJP, Courts-martial, Civil conviction, Financial irresponsibility, Non-support of depn, Alcohol incident, Not complying with civ and mil rules, regs, and standards. The sum of marks in an ind factor on a mbr’s EER is less than that shown in the manual.
How long does a reservist have to appeal their marks? The member must submit the appeal within 15 calendar days (30 calendar days for reservists) after the date they signed the acknowledgment section of the counseling sheet for the disputed employee review.
How long must the appeal authority act on the appeal? 15 calendar days after receiving it. Commander (CG PSC-EPM-1) or (CG PSC-RPM) may extend the 15 days if the appeal authority needs additional information from either the member or commanding officer before responding to the appeal.
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