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Good Conduct and Advancement Certificate

A new period of eligibility for the Good Conduct award begins any time a member receives an unsatisfactory mark in conduct or the sum of marks in an individual factor is less than that shown in the following chart. FACTOR GROUP MIL PERF PROF LDRSHP Non-rate 9 18 18 12 (E-3 only), PO 6 24 24 21 CPO 6 24 24 21
Should a command complete a special disciplinary employee review if a member went to Civil Court and the civil conviction was due to an alcohol incident for which the rating chain previously completed a special employee review? No, this exemption applies to alcohol incidents only.
Enlisted employee reviews that result in assignment of an unsatisfactory conduct mark or low competency marks must be supported by an adverse entry for: Non-judicial punishment; Court-martial; Civil conviction; Financial responsibility; Not supporting dependents; Alcohol incidents; and Not complying with civilian and military rules, regulations, and standards.
What service counts toward the required service for initial and subsequent awards of the GCM? Enlisted service only.
True or False Reenlistment within three months is considered continuous service; however, the time spent out of service is not creditable for GCM. True
True or False Temporary retirement due to physical disability or an authorized temporary separation of two years or less does not constitute a break in service when determining good conduct eligibility. True, however, the time spent in either status is not creditable.
When a Coast Guard Academy cadet’s appointment is terminated during training and continues service as an enlisted person, will their time be counted as credible service for a GCM? Yes
As of 1 July 1983, average marks must be __3__ or greater in all factors and all conduct marks must be __ or greater. 4
Can an unsatisfactory fitness report for an enlisted member’s tenure as a cadet, or temporary service as a warrant officer or commissioned officer effect their GCM eligibility? Yes
Who will sign the award Certificate? CO
How will a members rate be written out on all certificates and awards? It will be written out in full.
The following advancement certificates will be issued to Coast Guard members upon receipt of proper advancement authority: Petty Officer, DD-216 CG, Chief Petty Officer, DD-216 CG, Senior Chief Petty Officer, DD-216 CG-1, Master Chief Petty Officer, DD-216 CG-2, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, DD-216
Who will issue Chief Petty Officer certificates when each monthly advancement announcement is published? Commanding Officer (CG PPC (adv))
Who will sign Chief Petty Officer certificates? The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard’s signature in the lower left hand corner and the Commandant’s signature in the lower right hand corner.
Who will issue Petty Officer Advancement Certificates, E-4 through E-6? Commanding officer
Created by: Sansha
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