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What manual governs the release of information contained in record systems? The Coast Guard Freedom of Information (FOIA) and Privacy Acts Manual, COMDTINST M5260.3 (series), governs the release of information contained in record systems.
When PDR access is granted to persons/officials, what can be used for positive identification? PDR access may be granted to persons/officials who can verify their identity through positive id utilizing: military or government ID cards, driver’s license, or other similar documents which establish the id and purpose for whom access has been granted.
What is required to fill out when given access to the PDR? Complete a disclosure log entry for access to the PDR as indicated
Where would you find information regarding safeguarding PDRs? Safeguarding PDRs. PDRs must have adequate administrative and physical security as prescribed in Chapter 7 of The Coast Guard Freedom of Information (FOIA) and Privacy Acts Manual, COMDTINST M5260.3 (series).
Who must approve any removal or destruction of records on file in a PDR? Prior to destroying a PDR document, the SPO Supervisor must formally approve any removal or destruction of records on file.
How do you file documents in the PDRs? File all docs in the order listed, top to bottom, by form type chrono within each part. The only exception to this is in Part 1: file these docs chronologically, with the oldest doc on the bottom, and most recent doc on the top, regardless of form type.
Where do you file Separation/Retirement Orders in the SPO PDR? A copy is filed in Section One and is a permanent document?
Where do you file the CG-5155A and how long is it kept? The Original Enlisted Supplementary Clothing Allowance Worksheet is filed in Section Three of the SPO PDR and is kept for three years note 4. Note that the retention period begins when worksheet is replaced by new worksheet.
During annual verifications would you send CG-4170 to PSC-PSD-MR for the EI-PDR? Send to PSC-PSD-MR for EI-PDRs only if there were changes from previous version.
When sending awards to the EI-PDR how do you identify the member on the award? Only personal and unit awards (with member’s EMPLID in the upper right corner of the citation) requiring entry into Direct-Access are to be entered by the member’s SPO. Send a copy of the award to PSC-PSD-MR for imaging.
Do prior service awards get scanned to the EI-PDR? Prior service awards should not be scanned into EI-PDRs as they are reflected on prior service DD-214s.
What is the Form number for the Personnel Data Record (PDR)? The Personnel Data Record (PDR), Form CG-5354 is a four-part folder used to hold either the SPO-PDR or Unit-PDR at the specified location.
What form must be submitted to get access to WebNow? Complete forms CG-7421B Direct Access User Role Designation and CG-7421D ImageNow User Access Authorization and FAX to PPC.
Who is the approving authority for WebNow Access and Deactivation? The SPO Supervisor is the approving authority for WebNow Access and Deactivation requests for other personnel assigned to the SPO.
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