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Process PCS Reporting

What is the form number for PCS reporting? CG-2005
Where can you find the PCS reporting checklist? In the Personnel Pay and Procedures Manual
How many days must a PCS travel claim be completed and forwarded to the unit AO? No later than 30 calendar days after arriving at the command.
When a reservist PCS reports in, what must you also do in DA? According to step 14 on the PCS Reporting Checklist, you must check and update a reserve member’s Training/Pay code in DA.
How many steps are there on the PCS Reporting Checklist? 18
How long does the Authorizing official have to sign the PCS travel claim? No later than two calendar days after receipt of claim(s) from the member or not later than 32 calendar days after member’s arrival at unit, whichever is earlier.
What forms must be filled out when someone reports in? CG-2005, PCS Report CG-2025, BAH CG-2040, Allotment (if app) State tax (if app), CG-2020D Desig of Bene, CG-2025B, Mbr to mbr BAH (if app), CG-7421B DA User, DD-1351-2 Travel Voucher, SGLV-8286/8286A, SGLI/Fam (if app), CG-7421A TPAX User access (if app)
What is the last step on the PCS reporting checklist? Review PDR and file supporting documentation
How many days after a member reports do they have to request advance pay? Not ltr than 60 after mbr rpts, or after the vess arr at new homeport. A CO/OIC may app a mbrs req for adv pay up to 180 when the mbr req an ext to acquire perm qrtrs in the comm and/or the mbr’s depn arrive at the new PDS/homeport at least 30 after mbr.
Amendments to orders should identify what? Traveler, TONO/ACCTNG Data, Entitlement specified, Reason for change, Authorized Official Signature (Original signature in blue ink, not stamped or color copies)
What are amendments completed on? Amendments are done on memo, letterhead, e-mail, or handwritten note and attached to the original TDY order. Amendments require the AO's name and EMPLID printed/typed with their original handwritten signature in blue ink.
Created by: Sansha
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