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PCS Orders

Are transfer orders travel orders? No. They constitute the basic authority to issue travel orders. Unit administration staffs are responsible for converting transfer orders to travel orders.
Who issues transfer orders to: Officers: Commander (CG PSC-OPM-2) Enlisted: Commander (CG PSC-EPM-2) Reserve: Commander (CG PSC-RPM-2)
Officers, CWO, and enlisted members who request retirement or separation in lieu of orders (RILO/SILO) must notify PSC via ______ within ______ working days of orders issue date or date time group of general message announcing assignment panel results. Standard Coast Guard message traffic within five working days
How many for SELRES? 30 days
Enlisted members desiring to SILO may be separated prior to the expiration of their enlistment by reason of? Convenience of the government
How long is the tour length for an O5 CO at Aviation Units? 2 years O6 CO? 3 years
How long is the tour length Area/District Chiefs of Staff, Chief of Response, Chief of Prevention? 2 years
How long is the tour length for CG Academy Cadet Branch Chief and Company Officers; OCS Staff? 3 years
How long is the tour length for Public Health Service? 5 years
True or false? For OCONUS Travel the term “without dependents” applies to single members only. Members choosing to accept OCONUS orders without moving their dependents will complete an accompanied tour length. True
What place is an unaccompanied tour for all members assigned? American Samoa
Pregnant members who have orders to any school should not fulfill them unless they can complete training before? The Third Trimester. If the training cannot be completed before the third trimester, Commander (CG PSC) holds the orders in abeyance and reissues them for the next available class after child delivery.
Mbr married to mbr couples should expect _ con tours in the same geo area if at all possible to align diff tour lengths. If _ con tours are not available, assign off adjust one mbrs tour length if the couple's tour lengths are not of equal duration. Two
The service does not assign married couples together to the same cutter or a small shore unit of less than ____ members. 60
Is a member discharged under other than honorable conditions authorized PCS allowances? No.
Additional travel time may be authorized/approved when actual travel time exceeds authorized travel time for reasons beyond the member's control, such as: a. Acts of God, b. Restrictions by Gov’t authorities, c. Difficulties in obtaining POC fuel, or d. Other satisfactory reasons.
True or False? When travel is directed (as opposed to being authorized) by Gov’t/Gov’t procured transportation and the member performs transoceanic travel at personal expense, no reimbursement is authorized for the transoceanic travel. True
For active Duty Members with Command Sponsored Family Members, UB is authorized NTE? 2000 lbs
Created by: Sansha
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