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Two types of CGMS messages are? Unclassified; Classified
Unclassified messages for CGMS are? ALCOAST; ALCGOFF; ALCGENL; ALCGCIV
The three categories for a classified message are? Top Secret (Highest degree of protection); Secret (Substantial degree of protection); Confidential (Requires protection)
Line 1-4 of a CGMS message contains what? Routing information, computer generated and transparent to drafters
Line 5 of a CGMS message contains what? Precedence – Always appears first, indicates when the message should be distributed
Flash (Z) As fast as possible with a goal of 10 minutes
Immediate (O) 30 minutes
Priority (P) 3 hours
Routine (R) 6 hours
Unique fingerprint on each message containing 12 characters for day, time, month, and year Date Time Group (DTG)
Any special circumstances related to the transmissions of the message is? Message Instruction
What line of a message indicates from where the message is being sent? Line 6
What line of a message is the TO line for action addressee(s), not mandatory as long as there is one INFO addressee? Line 7
What line of a message is the INFO line which indicates information addressee, not mandatory if there is a TO addressee? Line 8
What line of a message is the XMT line which indicates exempt addressee called in a Collective Address Designator (CAD) or Address Indicating Group (AIG)? Line 9
In CGMS what is a single address group that represents a predetermined list of five or more activities linked by an operational or administrative chain of command? CAD – Collective Address Designator
In CGMS what are predetermined lists of action/information addressees controlled by a cognizant authority? AIG – Address Indicating Group
What line of a message is the originator which includes a BT code to indicate that the body of the text will begin on the following line? Line 11
What line of a message does the originator compose the body text for the message Line 12
What line of the message includes the second BT to indicate the body text is complete? Line 13
Can the text of a CGMS message contain tabs? No
Can the text of a CGMS message auto wrap at the end of a line? No
How many characters per line are you limited to in the text of a CGMS message? 69
What characters are not allowed in a CGMS message? “ . , ; ( ) ? - /@
Can you use lowercase letters in CGMS? No
What do you use for an @ in CGMS? (AT)
Created by: Sansha
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