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Chapter 16

What were the first Americans? They were hunters-gatherers
Where did the Pacific Northwestern Native Americans live? Oregon to Alaska.
What was a useful resource and what was it used for? The seas because it was used to get food, people hunt whales and fish there.
What were two main achievements that Native American do? They created a social class and canoes designed for fishing.
Define potlach. It was a ceremony in which wealthy families could show their rank and prosperity by giving food, drink and gifts to the community.
What type of environment did the Southwestern Native Americans live in. They lived in harsh environments.
Some of the Hohokam's achievements. They irrigated their crops, developed pottery, and baskets from contact with the Mesoamerican people to the south.
Where did the Anasazi live? They lived in present day states, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.
Where did the Southeastern Native Americans live? In the woods, east of the Mississippi River.
What were they called and why? The Mound Builders because they built large mounds of earth that were filled with copper and stone artwork.
What was the center of the Mayan cities? Religion
What were all highly developed cities? They were all centers of the trade network
How did the Aztec Empire decline or end? The Spanish took over the Aztec Empire.
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