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Geography #3

Grades 4 to 8

How close together people live in a particular place Population Density
Tell geographers where most people live within a place or region Population Distribution or Pattern
Urban Cities like Kansas City and towns like Sedalia
Rural Farms or small towns like Cole Camp or Smithton
Another name for city Metropolis
Cities jam packed tightly together Megalopolis
Businesses and industries Commercial area of a town or city
Stores and service businesses located on a main street Downtown
Homes in a town or city Residential
Residential districts Suburbs
Beyond the suburbs and generally sparsely populated Exurbs
How groups of people act, live, eat, believe, and change their environment Culture
What are the top five languages of the world today? Mandarin Chinese, English, Hindi, Russian, and Spanish
Words used in place of standard vocabulary Slang
Variation of a standard language, spoken by a particular group of people; differs from standard language in grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation Dialect
What are the top five religions of the world today? Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam
Reincarnation Rebirth of the soul after death
Where did Hinduism begin? India
Which religion was begun by the Hebrews? Judaism (Jewish)
Which religion follows the Hindu belief in reincarnation but also believes we should work for Nirvana (inner peace)? Buddhism
Which religion is based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth? Christianity
Which religion is based on the teachings of Muhammad? Islam
What is the name given to the Islamic god? Allah
Usual habits of a group of people Customs
Habits considered to be polite among a group of people Manners or Norms
Communicates the values and beliefs of a culture in what that culture finds beautiful Art
Useful items and the methods used to make them Crafts
Particular style of cooking or preparing food Cuisine
No government or organized authority Anarchy
An alliance in which power rests with the people and is exercised directly by them or their elected representatives Confederacy
A nation in which power rests with the people and is exercised directly by them or their elected representatives Democracy
A nation in which absolute power is controlled by a person whose position is not inherited Dictatorship
A group of nations or territories ruled by one leader or country Empire
A nation ruled by a supreme sovereign, such as a king, queen, or emperor who usually inherits his or her power Monarchy
An assembly of persons, not necessarily elected, who make up the laws of a nation or state Parliamentary Government
A nation without a monarch and, in modern times, usually led by a president Republic
People that hunt, fish, and forage from the wild to find food Hunter-Gatherers
Farmers who raise just enough food to feed themselves and their families Subsistence Farmers
Use lightweight raw materials to make clothes, food products, plants and flowers, furniture, and other consumer goods Light Industries
Produce machines that do big jobs, such as cranes, oil derricks, cars, ships, airplanes, and farm equipment Heavy Industries
Use of scientific knowledge, usually to improve industry and commerce Technology
Farm owned and operated by a group of farmers for the benefit of each individual involved Cooperative Farm
Farm owned by a corporation, usually producing goods for sale in stores under a company label Corporate Farm
Farm that raises crops for harvest, such as vegetables, fruits, or grains Crop Farm
Farm specializing in the production of milk, cheese, butter, and other dairy products Dairy Farm
Farm owned and operated by a family as a private business Family Farm
Farm specializing in growing animals, such as chickens, pigs, cows, goats, or buffalo, for egg, dairy, or meat production Livestock Farm
Farm where both livestock and crops are grown Mixed Farm
Farm specializing in one type of crop or livestock, such as cattle, minks, or deer Ranch
Farm on which food and other products necessary for life are grown by one family for its use Subsistence Farm
Farm specializing in products for sale to a wide market and intended to make profits from sales instead of products for family use Commercial Farm
Large farm or estate in tropical or semitropical areas, often specializing in commercial crops, such as cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar cane, coffee, or tea Plantation
Farm close to a city that specializes in vegetables, fruit, and other cash crops Truck Farm
Farm that uses large areas of land, usually arid, for herding goats, camels, sheep, and/or cattle Herding Farm
On which continents do half the labor force work in agriculture? Asia and Africa
What percentage of the labor force works in agriculture in North America, South America, Europe, or Australia? 12
Iron, lead, gold, silver, platinum Metals
Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethyst, lapis lazuli, jade Gemstones
Natural gas, oil, coal Fossil Fuels
Rock, sand, gravel Conglomerates
Hardness scale for rocks Mohs
Softest rock Talc
Hardest rock Diamond
Growing, maintaining, and harvesting of trees Forestry
Natural products Raw Materials
Glass, metal, plastic, and paper collected at centers Recycled Materials
Home based manufacturing operations Cottage Industry
Inventor of the steam engine James Watt (1769)
Period of time in Europe and America where items became manufactured by machine instead of by hand Industrial Revolution
Creation of many of the same product at the same time Mass Production
How did the Industrial Revolution affect the culture of America? People moved from rural areas to cities where the jobs were located.
Industrially developed countries Taiwan and Russia
Industrially developing country Mexico
Pre-industrial Economies Chad and Cambodia
Post-industrial Economies United States and Japan
How well the average person is able to find a job, a place or live, food, and an education Standard of Living
System used by a state, region, or country to manage its resources, including its money, labor, and natural and human-made materials Economy
Movement from one place to settle in another Migration
Movement away from one's homeland Emigration
Movement into a new country Immigration
Great Lake north of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Lake Superior
Great Lake between Michigan and Wisconsin Lake Michigan
Great Lake northeast of Michigan (above the mitten) Lake Huron
Great Lake northeast of Ohio and Pennsylvania Lake Erie
Great Lake directly west of New York Lake Ontario
Gulf south of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama Gulf of Mexico
River that connects the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River
River that forms the eastern border of Missouri Mississippi River
River that connects Kansas City to St. Louis Missouri River
Which European country was the first to settle in Missouri? French
What were the two locations in Missouri that were the "jumping off" points for the Oregon Trail? Independence, Missouri and St. Joseph, Missouri
Where was the home base of the Pony Express? St. Joseph, Missouri
What famous cartoonist grew up in Missouri? Walt Disney
What famous World War I general grew up in Missouri? John J. Pershing
When did the New Madrid Earthquake occur? 1811
Who was Missouri's famous outlaw? Jesse James
Where did the first World's Fair open in 1904? St. Louis
The only president from Missouri Harry S. Truman
Missouri artist who painted murals on the capitol walls Thomas Hart Benton
Missouri author who described her life growing up in the prairie states Laura Ingalls Wilder
Missouri entrepreneur who created J. C. Penney James Cash
Created by: marybahner
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