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TomSawyer Vocab 1-11

Voacbulary for chapters 1 to 11

Made up or formed Constituted
Danger; Chance of harm Peril
Crafty Deceit Guile
Stopped by acting before Forestalled
Shrewdness, sound judgement Sagacity
Neat Natty
Ambush Ambuscade
Firm, unyielding Adamantine
A sad or gloomy mood Melancholy
Cheerful readiness to do something Alacrity
Feeling no fear, very brave Intrepid
A place above most others in rank, fame, greatness, etc. Eminence
Disappearing quickly; Lasting only a short time Evanescent
Protection against a bad or unpleasant thing Immunity
Daring or bold; Very rude; Fearless Audacious
A rush or flooding of something Deluge
Made confused and upset Disconcerted
Approached and spoke to first, often in a demanding or aggressive way Accosted
To lie in wait for and attacked; Attacked from a hidden place Waylaid
Hurt or spoiled the looks or value of; Damaged Marred
Causing wonder; Amazing Prodigious
A poring out of feelings, words, etc. Effusion
Great enjoyment; Liking Relish
Asking or begging for in a humble way Supplication
Feeling bored or impatient while waiting for something to change or happen Restive
One who wanders from place to place with no job and asks people for money Vagrant
Kept back; Held in Suppressed
Intended or trying to be funny but usually annoying, sillly, or not proper Facetious
Causing hatred or strong dislike Odious
Dead; Decayed Mortified
A faithful supporter of a belief, organization, or leader Adherent
Showing sad thoughts or feelings about something you want to do but can't Wistfully
To destroy the self-confidence of Abash
Done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noiticed Furtive
Unnecessary display of wealth, knowledge, etc. that is done to attract attention or envy Ostentation
To become smaller or less Wane
To criticize or severely scold someone who has done something wrong Upbraid
Admired and respected very much because alot was achieved Illustrious
The strongest or most successful period of time Zenith
Thinking carefully and seriously about something Cogitating
Uselessness Futility
Firmly placed or hid someone or something Ensconced
Showing little or no emotion Stolid
Lofty excellence; exalted state Sublimity
Quiet and secret in order to avoid being noticed Stealthily
The quality or state of being very rude or failing to show proper respect and courtesy Impudence
Looking very tired, especially from great worry, to hunger, or pain Haggard
A strange feeling of hate (Disliking) Aversion
Hard to deal with; Fearful Formidible
Downfall Ruination
Ridicule; To make fun of Derision
Created by: John_Boy26
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