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meiosis reduces the chromosime number in a cell from 46 to what 23
what cord suspends the testis within the scrotum spermatic cord
in normal development,the testis desend through what canal iguinal canal
where is testosterone produced interstitials cells in the testes
3 functions of testosterone devel.and maintence of reproductive structures,devel.of spermatoza,devel.of secondary sex characteristics
acrosome contains chromosomes and also contains enzymes that help sperm cell do what penetrate the ovum
what part of the spermcell produces movement flagellum(tail)
epididymis coiled tube on the surface of the testis in which sperm cells are stored and which they mature
2 things join to form the ejaculatory duct ductus deferens and seminal vesicle
what does the ejaculatory duct empty into urethra
is semen considered alkaline or acidic alkaline
what produces the alkaline secreation containing large quantities of simple sugar that provides nourishment to the sperm seminal vesicles
what contributes the most liquid to the sperm seminal vesicles
what surrounds the urethra and contracts to aid in ejaculation prostate gland
what forms the glands penis corpus spongiosum and prepuce
what is removed in circumcision end of foreskin (prepuce)
FSH promotes formation and spermatoza
LH produces testosterone
cryptorchidism failure of the testis to decend into the scrotum
disease characterized by fluid filled blisters around the genital organs genital herpes
sexually transmitted disease caused by spirochete syphilis
epididymitis congential malformationin the urinary tract
orchitis inflamation of the testis
where does the fetus develope uterus
what ligament hold the ovaries in place broad and ovarian ligaments
tubes that transport the ova in the female reproductive system,the oviducts,are also known as uterine tubes or what fallopian tubes
what is the cervix lower, narrower region of the uterus(neck)
what is the muscular wall of the uterus called myomentrium
what is the fornix circular recess om superior portion of the vagina
hymen fold of the membrane found at or near the vagina canal opening
what glands in female are similar to the cowper glands in males greater vestibular glands(bartholin glands)
2 structures form the vulva libia and clitoris
what is the libia lips of vulva
during what phase are progesterone levels highest ovulation (secretory phase)
during what phase does the uterine proliferative phase occur follicular phase
function of LH in females causes ovulation and transforms the rupturel follicle into corpus luteum
high levels of progesterone will have what effect on the release of LH Release of LH will be inhibited
menses results from a decrease in the levels of what 2 hormones estrogen and progesterone
what causes menapause normal decline in ovarian function
the menopausal symptoms are caused by a decrease in what hormone level estrogen
contraception use of artificial methods to prevent fertilization of the ovum
the emergency contraceptive pill contains what hormone synthetic progesterone
how does IUD prevent pregnancy release of copper or birth control hormones
what method of contraception function id preventing ovulation birth control pills, shot,patch,ring
what are fibroids "myomas"common tumors of the uterus
hysterectomy surgical removal of the uterus
what is a mammogram radiographic study of the breast
what is a pap smear used to test for cervical cancer
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