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Aircraft Handler

C-130 A/H Question Bank

SE Common Basic Handling Publication 00-80T-96
Aircraft Signals NATOPS Manual 00-80T-113
Aircraft Securing and Handling Procedure/Aircraft Restraining Devices and Related Components 17-1-537
Aircraft Tires and Tubes 04-10-506
Man on a Stand 4790.11
NATOPS Flight Manual 01-75GAL-1 (Chap 4 is fuel balance)
Structural Repair Instruction 01-75GAA-3 (Also tells you which panels can be off or must be on for a plane move)
Special/Conditional Maintenance (Daily Deck) 01-75GAA-6-2
Isochronal/Special/Conditional Maintenance 01-75GAA-6-3
Aircraft Fuel Cells and Tanks 01-1A-35 WP 007 page 6
Weight Handling Support Equipment 00-80T-119
Cleaning and Corrosion Control 01-1A-509
Maintenance Instructions (Organizational) General Information 01-75GAA-2-1
Technical Manual List 01-75GAA-0
Illustrated Parts Breakdown Fuel System 01-75GAA-4-3
Fod Prevention 4790.10
Fuel Systems 01-75GAA-2-5
Where are the wing chains located? SE Bay
Where are the nose chains located? On the plane, aft of the paratroop doors
Who can approve a man on a stand evolution? MO, AMO, MMCO
In what conditions can a man on a stand not be conducted? Bad weather, night, or ice
What does TPDR stand for? Technical Publications Discrepancy Report
What is the name of the chain assembly? TD-1B
What type of chains do we use and what is the tension limit? MB-1, 10,0000 lbs
How many mooring positions are there? Where are they located 7, 1-nose, 4-wings, 2-tail
Instructions in towing an aircraft with missing components can be found in what manual? 01-75GAA-3
Man on a stand can be found in what instruction? 4790.11
FOD prevention can be found in what instruction. 4290.2 series Chapter 10
In what publication can the C130 dimensions be found in? 01-75GAA-2-1
MRC cards are found in what? 01-75GAA-6-2 / 01-75GAA-6-3
What is the tail height of the C130? 38 feet 5 inches
What are the C130 dimensions nose to tail? 97 feet 9 inches
What are the C130 dimensions wing to wing 132 feet 7 inches
How many people are required to move an aircraft with brakes? Without brakes? 7 / 8
When towing an aircraft, what is the max towing speed? 5 MPH or no faster than the slowest walker
What does the 2 in NA 01-75GAA-2-11 indicate? Maintenance
What does the 6 in NA 01-75GAA-6-2 indicate? Inspection
What does the 4 in NA 01-75GAA-4-8 indicate? IPB
What are the fuel limitations? No more than 1000 between opposite symmetrical tanks / no more than 1500 between wings / no more than 500-1000 between outboard tanks.
There are four volumes in the NA 01-1A-509, what can be found in each volume? 1. Corrosion theory 2. Aircraft 3. Avionics and Electrical 4. Consumable materials and equipment
Chains rated at what are used for high powered turns? 25,000 lbs
Nose only mooring - position the aircraft toward the wind, how many inches downwind from mooring anchor? 34 IN MAX
When securing the aircraft for nose only mooring what should be done? Place nose in toward the wind, and the wheel in the AFT-FWD position, fill fuel tanks if time permits, secure with chains, install plugs and covers, disconnect battery, close panels and doors, and secure any stands or equipment.
The man on a stand shall be approved by who? MO, AMO, MMCO
What must be conducted before a man on a stand? ORM brief and FOD search
During man on a stand, a B-5 stand must be used and tied to how many pad eyes and all safety rails and towing bar safety wired with what gauge safety wire and in how many places? 2 pad eyes / .040 in wire / 2 places
During man on a stand, personnel must wear what? Cranials, double hearing protection, and goggles
How many people max are allowed on the stand during man on a stand or in the safety diamond? 2 Max
What are the emergency procedures during man on a stand? Eng operator places condition level to ground stop, man on a stand will evacuate, don't feather propellers until personnel are clear, turn operator will execute emergency procedures IAW NA 01-75GAL-1.
There shall be how much fuel more on the outboard than the inboard? 500-1000
What kind of fuel do we use and what is NATO code for it? JP-8 and F-34
What is the most sensitive tie down spot and why? The nose because of the landing gear door and LOX converter
What is the minimum turn radius? 170 feet
What hearing protection is required at 85+ decibels within 100 feet? 96+ within 100 feet and engine turns if within 50 feet of the APU while on? Single for 85+ and Double for 96+
Command safety publications will always begin with what? 5100
FOD blast is up to how many feet away? 1500 feet
Stay at least how far away from a brake fire? 300 feet
What are the three types of ORM? Time Critical, In Depth, and Deliberate
Parked aircraft require how many grounds? 2 Grounds
When a ground cable is HOT (glowing) during fueling what emergency steps need to be taken? Fueling secured, electrical power disconnected, and fire dept and maintenance control informed.
External electrical power source has to be what minimum power? 600 AMP 28 VDC and/or 60 KVA, 208/115 VAC, 3 phase 400 Hz
APU exhaust danger area expands to what point? Outboard side of #1 Engine
Minimum space for turning is how many feet with nose turned to what degree? 170 ft / 60 degrees
Personnel radiation hazard is how many feet? The fuel radiation hazard are is how many feet? 35ft / 51ft
Max weight an aircraft can be towed is how many lbs? 175,000 lbs
When gross weights are above how many lbs should extreme caution be exercised while towing? 110,000 lbs
The nose gear should be turned when aircraft is sitting still. (True / False) False
If carbon dioxide is the extinguishing agent use what caution should be taken in regards to engines and brakes fires? Why? Don't spray directly on the engine or brakes, the temperature of carbon dioxide is -140 degrees F. Explosion can occur if sprayed directly on the hot surfaces.
What type of fuel should never be used? Tri-Cresyl Phosphate (TCP) (automotive fuel)
To reduce buildup static charge when mixing fuel, fuel pressure shall not exceed what PSI? 35 PSI
The engine oil system fill to how many gallons when engine is cold? What about when the engine is hot? 11 gallons / 12 gallons
The engine oil tank is a 20 gallon tank with a total capacity of how many gallons? 16 gallons
The utility system holds how many gallons? 6.5
The Boost system holds how many gallons? 2.0
The auxiliary system holds how many gallons? 5.8
For prop servicing, the pre-checked amount in quarts is how much? What about for dry prop? 21 qts / 25 qts
The Engine/APU fire extinguisher weighs how much? 27lbs
The APU holds how many quarts of oil to include expansion? 4 quarts with expansion of 1.43
What are the three methods for servicing the hydraulic system?
The nose tires should be serviced to what PSI with no more than how much PSI difference between the nose tires? 55-65 and no more than 5 PSI difference
The Surge suppressor gauge should read what PSI Between 35-45 PSI
Where are the tire deflator stowed and how many are there? They are stowed the on electrical control box located in the center of the hangar and there are 2 - 1 is located on the electrical control box and the other is stowed in IMRL.
Why is it important to know the dimensions of the C130? We travel to various locations and hangars cannot always accommodate our aircraft size. In addition, when parking or towing an aircraft it is important to know the size in order to ensure proper clearance of nearby parked aircraft or equipment.
How many spill kits do we have? 3
Where are the spill kits located? Near work center 130, 200, and 120.
What is the fueling pressure at the SPR panel and how many gallons per minute? 60 PSI and 600 gallons per minute
How long are fuel samples good for? 72 hrs IAW the Wing and 24 IAW the NAMP.
What are the degrees of rotation for the nose wheel with scissors connected? Disconnected? 60 degrees / 90 degrees
What is the minimum distance personnel are to stay clear of hot brakes? 300 ft
What type of fire bottle do we have on the flight line? Halon
What is the decibel level with 4 engines operating at 100ft? 102 dcb
What is the decibel level at takeoff? 120-140 dcb
What is the decibel level of the APU within 50 ft? 96 dcb
What is the ground safety instruction? 5100.1E
What is the ORM instruction? OPNAV 3500.39C
What type of foam is installed in the fuel tanks? Explosion Suppressant Foam (ESF)
All tanks except which two contain 1 shutoff valve that allow the tanks to be filled to max capacity maintaining a 3% expansion space? 1 and 4
How often are plane captain monitors conducted? Semi-annually
How many engines can be turned at a time during man on a stand operation? One
What color should the fuel from the fuel sample be? The color may vary from a water-clear color to a straw color
What are the four contaminants to look for in the fuel samples? Particulate matter, water, mixed fuel, micro organisms
What is considered acceptable fuel? Acceptable fuel must be clear, bright, and contain no free water
How much fuel should be taken for a sample? One pint of fuel should be taken from each low point drain
How many low point drains are on the C-130T fuel tanks? There are 20 low point drains (NAVAIR 01-75GAA-6-2 Card 15.2)
What is the proper PPE when taking fuel samples? Safety shoes, Goggles, Gloves, Apron, and sleeves covering arms
What are the four classes of leaks? Class A - Slow Seep / Class B - Seep / Class C - Heavy Seep / Class D - Running Leak
What pubs are used for fuel surveillance? NA 00-80T-109, NA 01-1A-35, NA 01-75GAA-2-1, NA 01-75GAA-6-2, NA 01-75GAL-1, and the 4790.2 Series.
Where is the primary tie down for the aircraft? Nose Landing Gear
What is recommended to be installed if winds above 40 knots are expected? Aileron, Rudder, and Elevator gust locks
If mooring rope is required what type of knots should be used to tie the mooring rope? Anti-slip knots such as square or bowline
Tiedowns should remain on the aircraft while fueling (True / False) False
Describe the electrical system of the C-130T Internal electrical power of A/C comes from battery or five generators (1 for each engine and one for the APU). The four engine driven generators are connected through transfer contacters (relays) to 4 AC buses (LH, Essential, Main, RH).
What are the four DC buses? Isolated, Battery, Main, and Essential
How to you connect electrical power? Ensure all personnel are notified and it is clear to apply power, make sure battery is connected, verify switchology and throttle lever positions, place the AC external power selector switch to external power.
Created by: Sam2121
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