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The first individual to correctly illustrate the human skeleton with all of its bones was Leonardo da Vinci
One who studies the human body's structures is known as a anatomist
the team that means belly side is ventral
the team that refes to covering on an organ is visceral
The basic unit of biological organization is the cell
tissue characterized by elongated cells that generatemovement by shortening or contracting in aforcible manner is known as muscle tissue
the system composed of skin,hair,nails,sebaceous glands,and sweat glands is known as the integumentary system
Cephalad or cranial means toward the head;it is synonymous with which of the following terms superior
The study of the functions of body parts,what they do and how they do it is known as physiology
The study of the diseases of the body is known as physiology
A chemical fuel that allows the bodt cells to do work and to function is known as ATP
The number of protons or the number of electrons within an atom is known as the atomic number
A weak bond that help hold water molecules together is which type of bond hydrogen
The universal solvent is hydrogen
The more common of the two finctions of carbohydrates is energy storage
95% of the fats in the human body are triglycerides
A substance that combines with H* ions when dissolved in water is called a base
Atoms are electrically neutral
The combination of the atoms of two or more elements is known as a compound
The mineral salt needed for muscle contraction and strong bones is carbon
If fatty acids contain one or more double covalet bonds,the fat is call unsaturated fat
The building blocks of proteins are amino acids
Distilled puer water has a pH of 7 and is classified as neutral
the baic unit of biological organization of the human body is the cell
the protoplasm inside the nucleus of the cell is called nucleoplasm,while the protoplasm outside the nucleus is referred to as the cytoplasm
the english scientist who first described cells in 1665 and built one of the primitive microscopes to look at a thin slice of cork was Robert Hooke
the dutch naturalist who was the first to observe living cells under a microscope was Anton von Leeuvenhoek
All cells are surrounded by a cell membrane known as the plasma membrane or the plasmalemma
The liquid portion of a cell is called protoplasm
the control center of the cell is the nucleus
the structure within the cell that is the site of ribosomal synthesis is the nucleolus
the smLL BODIES IN THE CYTOPLASM THAT CONTAINpowerful digestiveenzymes that enhance the breakdown of cellular components are called lysosomes
the site of protein synthesis is in the ribosomes
the cellular process of reading the code and bringing the approprate amino acids in sequence along the mRNA is known as transcription
Cellular organelles composed of fibrils and located on the cell surface that protrude from the cell and beat or vibrate are called cilia and flagella
the process by which plant cells convert the light energy of the sun into chemical energy and food for use by both plants and animals is known as photosynthesis
the large organelles found mainly in plant cells that contain the green pigment chlorophyll are called chloroplasts
the main constituent of cytoplasm is water
the powerhouse of the cell are the mitochondria
one micron is equal to one-thousandth of a millimeter
In a solution,_____atoms or ions of a substance are distributed through the medium Indivdval
In a colloid,__of atoms are disributed throughout the medium Clumps
During cell division,chromatin condenses into thick rod-like structures called chromosomes
The convolutions of the inner membrane of the mitochondrion are called crstae
are small bodies in the cytoplasm that contanin enzymes that enhance the breakdown of cellular components Lysosomes
The __seem to function as a point within the cell where compounds to be secreted by the cell are collected and concentrated,and where carbohydrated are synthesized Golgi
Centrioles form the __which distribute the daughter chromosomes during cell division to the daughter cells microtubles
The process by which green plants convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy and food for use is known as __ thesis
A molecule with an unequal electron distribution of bonding electrions is said to be Polar
A complex carbohydrate (fiber) that is synthesized by golgi bodies known as cellulose
The code to make a particular protein is a gene located on a __molecule DNA
Materials enter and exit the cell through the membrane
In protein synthesis,the process of copying the genetic information from the DNA molecule onto the messenger RNA molecule is known as Transcription
The cellular organelles located on the cell surface that protrude from the cell and beat or vibrate,ceating movement,are the __ ciliac and flaglla
The genetic material of a cell is Chromatin
The folds the inner membrane of the mitochondria where cellular respiration occurs are called crista
Protoplam outside the nucleus is called cytophsm
The __ between molecules determines whether a substance will go into solution or a colliod suspension in water electronic
A special molecule called __ copies the code from the DNA molecule Messenger RNA
mitochondrion powerhouse of the cell
ribosomes protein synthesis
chloroplasts site of photosynthesis
plant cell wall cellulose
flagella locomotion
centriole redistributes chromosomes
cisternae channels of the endoplasmic reticulum
cell basic unit of biological organization of the human body
hooke first described cells
leeuvenhoek first to observe living cells under a microscope
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