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Vocab 27-29

posterity not born yet come after othersp noun
post pone plan it to a later date-verb
postseason events happen after a season has ended-adjective
predict say something will happen before it actually happens-verb
prejudice a negative judgement before knowing the facts-noun
premature something that happens before it is done /before it is ready-adjective
preteen a person between 9 and 12-noun
preview a showing of something before a regular showing-noun
precaution an action to prevent something negative-noun
preface a part of a book that comes before the main part and introduces it-noun
coexist live together peacefully-verb
coincidence things happen by chance-noun
collect to gather things together-verb
collide bump into each other-verb
comrade a friend-noun
concur agree with someone's opinion-verb
coordinate work together-verb
correspond similar-verb
communal shared by a community-adjective
composite made from different things-adjective
antagonism a feeling of hatred-noun
Antarctica region around the South Pole-noun
antiseptic medicine that kills germs-noun
antisocial against the good of society-adjective
misbehave act or behave badly-verb
misfortune bad luck-noun
mismatch does not belong with something else-noun
mistrust not trust-verb
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