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Unit VI Part 11

War and Revolution

Nicholas II and Alexandra -Nicholas II: only European in charge of own military -Alexandra: Nicholas's wife who was easily influenced by the Siberian peasant rasputin
Rasputin -Siberian peasant who had much influence on the throne of Russia -Gained the tsarina's trust after "miraculously healing" her son -was assassinated
Petrograd -Capitol of Russia in which the March revolution began -started by women demanding "peace and bread"
"Peace, land, and bread" -cry of the women marching during the March revolution -led to the removal of the tsar from power
soviets -Group of radical socialists in Russia -fit with lower class interests
Bolsheviks -Marxist Socialist group -promised end to war and hunger, and equal possessions
V. I. Lenin -leader of the Bolsheviks who lead the Bolshevik revolution -promised end to war and hunger, and equal possessions
the "april theses" -Lenin's blueprint for his Marxist theory -stated that a bourgeois revolution was not needed
Alexander Kerensky -slightly socialist leader of the provisional government after soviet rise -released Lenin from prison to help regain power in Petrograd
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Reds and Whites
Leon Trotsky -revolutionary and socialist leader
"war communism"
Alexandra Kollontai and the Zhenotdel alex
the Cheka
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