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vocab d3

vocab for lab on 06/03/09

alveoli exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place
anosmia lack of smell
aspiration in or out suction
atelectasis imperfect dialation of lung
bronchoscope instrument used to examine the bronchi
coryza common cold
carbon dioxide odorless gas to stimulate respiration
cyanosis dark blue condition of the skin
diaphragm seperates cavities
dyspnea difficult breathing
empyema pus in body cavity
epiglottis prevents aspiration
epistaxix nosebleed
hilium depression where each bronchus enters the lung
laryngostomy new opening in the larynx
mediastinum space in central thorac cavity between the lungs.. containing the heart
orthopnea unable to breath unless in upright position
pertussis whooping cough, acute infectious disease
pneumonia inflammation of the lungs
respiratory exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide
spirometer instrument used to measure volume of air
septum partition dividing body space
tidal volume amount of air in a single inspiration or expiration
vital capacity volume of air that can be exhaled after a maximal inspiration
apnea lack of breathing
centesis surgical puncture
dys difficult
hemo blood
ortho straight
osis condition of
ptysis to spit
pneumo lung
tachy fast
thoraco chest
Created by: driddle73