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AVMs and retreival devices

What are embospheres used for? embolization
how do you use embospheres? Start with bigger microspheres(500 micron) first then smaller to fill in cracks
What type of procedure is the embospheres minimally invasive
What do embospheres do? block blood flow to tumors and abnormal connections between arteries and veins (vascular malformations)
how is the embospehre procedure done ARTERIAL ACCESS, Infarct an area
What is used for bigger vessels? Tornado embolization coil
Which retrieval device uses suction? Solitaire
What devices are direct clot removal devices? Penumbra, Trevo, Merci
What is Onyx LES (Liquid embolic system) used for? pre surgical embolization of brain AVMs - good control of delivery
What kind of product is Flowgate? Stryker
What is used with suction? Penumbra
How does the tornado embolization coil work? Tiny hairs promote clotting
What are tornado embolization coils used for? Embolization of a selective vessel - may use 2 or 3
What types of Tornado Embolization coils are there SOME are helical, come in different shapes and lenghts
What is used for bleeding vessels? Tornado embolization coils
WHat is Trevo Stent attached to wire
How is TREVO delivered? sheath in carotid, through a microcatheter
Is distal protection used with TREVO? Yes
How long do you leave TREVO stent in? 3-5 minutes
What is Pnembra intended for? Retrieve clot with pressure/vaccum
What is Neuroform? stent designed to hold stuff in instead of keeping things open
Created by: ICVT2b
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