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ATHG readings

who wrote the two treatises john locke
what did the two treastises say majority rules, consent, all people are subject to the laws of a country they are in, representatives, importance of govn't
who wrote the little speech on liberty john winthrop - deputy governor of massachussets
what did the speech on lierty say cheerfully submit to authority,
who wrote a model of christian charity john winthrop
what did the christian charity say love your neighbour, everyone needs each other, christians are the body of christ - knit together in love, do justly; love mercy; walk humbly with god
who wrote "american dream"/saving horatio alger richard reeves
what did the american dream essay say rich are getting richer, poor are getting poorer, people simply don't have the same opportunities, huge class gap, it's harder to move up
who was the magna carta written for and by who written for king john by his english barrons
what did the magna carta say even the king is not above the law, no free man can be imprisoned without lawful judgment, you cannot sell or deny right or justice
who wrote the petition of right english parliament
what did the petition of right say king charles must acknowledge the traditional rights of the english, no tax without common consent, no unlawful imprisonment
who wrote of the division of labour adam smith
what did the division of labour say one person doing all jobs is harder than lots of people doing one job, DoL improves dexterity, saves time, invention of machines, DoL helps people to become expert in their branch
Created by: sara_hillyer
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