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Week 3

Office Management

Lumbar lower back
Metacarpal back of the hand
Specialist who treats and diagnoses disorders of the kidney Nephrologist
Specialist who treats and diagnoses disorders of the eye, including surgery. Ophthalmologist
OTC over the counter
PC after meals
Pelvic lower abdomen
Specialist who treats feet also routine care for diabetics Podiatrist
PRN as needed
Proximal near a point of reference or close to
Q3H every 3 hours
QID 4 times a day
QNS quantity not sufficent
Thoracic chest
WNL within normal limits
-algia pain
BIN twice at night
C & S culture & sensitivity
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
DOB date of birth
EKG/ECG electrocardiogram
FBS fasting blood sugar
FUO fever of unknown origin
-iasis abnormal condition
LLQ left lower quadrant
LUQ left upper quadrant
-oma a tumor or growth
-otomy incision into
-penia decrease / deficiency
-plasty surgical repair
Created by: cyanivy77