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Chap15 and 17


type of blood in arteries (except pulonary artery) 02
type of blood in venules CO2
type of blood in arterioles 02
type of blood in veins (except pulmonary veins) CO2
type of blood in capillaries 02 and CO2
smallest blood vessle type capillaries
largest in dia. blood vessle type vein
largest artery in the body aorta artery
what is function of precapillarie sphincter junction b/t capillaries and aterioles; control blood flow to capillaries
what type of enviroment within the tissue will cause the precapillary phinceters to open?close? low oxygen- open; high oxygen-close
where are baroreceptors located arteries
what is the function of baroreceptors detecting B.P changes in arteries
what is function of SA node pacemaker of heart
3 pumps that produce circulation in body skeletal, heart, respiratory
how does the respiratory pump function abs contract- sends blood to IVC
how does skeletal muscles pump function skeletal muscles contract and sends blood back to heart
absorption of water from the feces occur in large intestine
absorption of nutrients from food occur in small intestine
connecting mouth and esophagues is pharynx
hydrochloric acid is produced by stomach
food travels thro _____ to get to stomach esophagus
primary incisors 8
primary molars 8
cuspids 4
part of the tooth that is above gumline crown
part of tooth that is below gumline is root
the socket in which the tooth sits in is called aveloar process
hard outer covering of tooth its enamel
connective tissue holding the tooth in plase is pariodontal ligament
the tooth is held into the socket by tissue called cementum
_____ is another term for the gum gingiva
what gastric secretion phase is triggered by entry of food in stomach gastic
which gastric secretion phase is triggered by taste and smell cephalic
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