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Which instruction outlines sexual harassment policy for civilian personnel? SECNAVINST 5300.26D
What promotes positive command morale and Quality of Life by providing an environment in which all personnel can perform to their maximum ability, unimpeded by biases based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex or religious stereotypes? Command Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO)
Who monitors the Navy's progress toward accomplishing EO goals and positive command climates? CNO
How often must the Navy Equal Opportunity Office (NEO) provide an EO Climate Assessment describing the "health" and organizational effectiveness of the Navy? Annually
Which office is responsible for providing the overall direction, guidance, support, and leadership? Navy Equal Opportunity Office (NEO)
Who is the investigative authority for all Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment complaints against flag officers or SES officials? Naval Inspector General
Which center functions as the Navy's equal opportunity training manager and develops the overall Navy training strategies from the entry level all the way through the executive levels? Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD)
Within how many days of assuming command will the ISIC ensure that subordinate commanders assess their command climate? 90 days
What is the minimum recommended number of years of active duty service for officers to be the CMEO Manager? 4 years
How long at a minimum should CMEO Managers serve in their position? 1 year
How many years must CO/OIC's ensure that completed copies of all Navy Equal Opportunity (EO)/ Sexual Harassment (SH) Formal Complaint Forms are maintained in the CMEO Manager record file? 3 years
CO's/OIC's shall ensure that detailed Naval messages, are sent upon receipt of a formal complaint of unlawful discrimination or SH, per which reference? DOD Directive 1325.6
Within how many days of completing the command climate assessment must CO's/OIC's ensure that a Climate Assessment Executive Summary is submitted to the Echelon 3 EOA (as applicalble) via the ISIC? 60 days
Who serves as the primary advisor and subject matter expert to commanders and CMEO Managers as well as provides assistance to other members in the chain of command on EO issues? EOA
Who functions as the single point of contact, when practicable, for command equal opportunity issues? CMEO Manager
How many years will CMEO Managers maintain CMEO record files? 3 years
Which representatives are assigned by the commander to ensure that complaints, accused, and witnesses in equal opportunity and sexual harassment cases are informed of the complaint process and are advised of the available support and counseling services? advocates
What institute is responsible for developing and conducting education and training in the administration of military EO, EEO, human relations, and diversity? Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI)
What is defined as the right of all persons to participate and benefit from the programs and activities for which they are qualified? Equal Opportunity
Which NEC is held by Equal Opportunity Advisors? NEC 9515
Which system resolves Equal Opportunity complaints at the lowest appropriate chain of command level? Informal Resolution System (IRS)
Which objective test is used to determine if behavior meets the legal test for unlawful discrimination or Sexual Harassment? Reasonable person standard
Which term is defined as taking or threatening to take an unfavorable personnel action or withholding or threatening to withhold a favorable personnel action, or any other act of retaliation? reprisal
Which process identifies areas of concern or issues related to command climate by finding areas of commonality in a minimum of three areas of the command assessment? triangulation
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