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Which types of tools are used for cutting, smoothing off, or removing small amounts of metal, wood, plastic, or other material? files
Every file has five parts: the point, edge, face or cutting teeth, heel or shoulder, and which other part? tang
Which type of files are generally used for fast removal of material and where precision finish is not required? American pattern file
Which type of files are used to sharpen mill or circular saws, and for draw-filling or finishing metals? mill file
Which type of files are used to file in slots or keyways? pillar file
Which type of files are used for filing circular openings or concave surfaces? round file
Which type of files are used for filing rectangular slots and keyways? square file
Taper files, or triangular files, are tapered toward the point on all three sides. They are used for filing saws having what degree angle teeth? 60 degree
Which type of files are used for filing internal angles, and for cleaning out square corners? three-square file
Which type of files are used for lock repair or for filing ward notches in keys? warding file
Which type of files are generally used on aluminum and sheet steel and on flat or curved surfaces? curved-tooth file
Which type of files are made to more exact measurements than American pattern files, and are primarily finishing tools used on all sorts of delicate and intricate parts? Swiss pattern file
What are used for cutting internal threads in metal, plastics, or hard rubber? taps
What are used for cutting external threads in metal, plastic, or hard rubber? dies
What is used for cutting pipe fittings and in other places where extremely tight fits are required? pipe tap
There are two types of boiler taps, straight and which other type? tapered boiler tap
Straight boiler taps range in size for 1/2 inch to how many inches in diameter and have a chamfer for starting the tap? 1.5 inches
Tapered boiler taps have tapered diameters which increase at a rate of what amount per foot? 3/4 inch
What are used in boiler, locomotive, and railroad shops for tapping holes in the outer and inner plates or shells of boilers? Staybolt taps
How many threads per inch does the mud or washout tap have? 12
What are used to restore bruised (rounded) or rusty threads on screws and bolts? rethreading dies
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