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Kidney flash cardsQuestion / answers
Ureter Directs urine FROM the KIDNEY TO the bladder
ballder Temporary reservoir for urine
Urethra Directs urine FROM the the BLADDER to OUTSIDE to outside of the body Through peeing
Meatus Urethral OPENING to the OUTSIDE of the body
Rugae Folds inside the bladder Allows for expansion and contraction
Renal artery Directs blood TO kidney
Renal vein Direct blood AWAY from kidney
Calyx Collects urine from renal tubulars
Calumerulus Ball like shaped cluster of capillaries responsible for filteration
Bowman's capsule Collects filtrate from glomerulus
Cortex Outer layer of kidney Houses 800,000-1,000,000 Glomenal
Medulla Middle or inner layer of the kidney Houses renal pyramids
Renal pyramids House renal tubulars
Renal pelvis Central. Innermost part of the kidney Leads to ureters
Hemoturia Blood in urine
Dysuria Painful difficult urine
Pyuria Pus in urine
Proteinuria Protein in urine
Urinary incontinence Can not control Urine control
Urine retention Can not completely empty bladder
Oliguria Scanty or diminished urine
Enuresis Bed wetting
Filteration Removal of toxins from the blood
Reabsorbtion Returning fluids and nutrients to the blood stream
Nephron Functional unit of the kidney
Cystoscope. Visual examination
Vesiocele aka cystocele Herniation of the bladder into vagina
Hemodialysis Shunting the blood to be filtered using a machine
Peritoneal dialysis Using ones own blood Peritoneum To filter blood
Adipose tissue Fibrous connective tissue Protects and supports kidney by anchoring it to the body wall
First portion of renal tubule Proximal convoluted 'coiled" tubule
Second portion of renal tubule The loop of Henle
The third portion of the renal tubule The distal convoluted
Hilum Depression or pit of an organ where the vessels and nerves enter
Turbid Cloudy
Glycosidic Abnormal presence of sugar in urine
Nocturia Excessive urination at night / nyturia
Anuria Cessation (stopping) of urine
Pyelonephritis Inflammation of renal pelvis
Ureterostenosis Urethral stichre
Glomenulus Filtration structure of urinary system
Renal tubule Reabsorbtion of h2o electrolytes
Renal cortex Located in the Glomenuli
Oliguria Secretion of diminished amount of fluid related to fluid intake
Calyx Collects urine from tubules
Urethra Directs urine out of body
Ureter Directs urine to the bladder.
Created by: Tbella