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3P051 Vol 1

Where was the military police training camp established in 1942? Camp Ripley MN
Air Police Security battalions were designed to protect against all of the fallowing except Light Tanks
On 1 September 1950, what was establisbed at Tyndall AFB, Florida? Air Police School
In what year did the AF approve the first trial issue of the security police shield? 1957
The Security Forces beret with the defensor fortis flash Identifies SF as an elite group charged with protecting the AF worldwide
In what year did the name of the career field change from "Air Police" to "Security police"? 1966
The success of what special unit in Vietnam led to the development of Ground Combat Skills training for Security Police? The 1041st SPS (Test)
The Vietnam conflict pointed out the need for a revised doctrine, specifically one based on Whole-Base protective Protective System
In 1971, Security Police was split into two seperate functions; what were those functions? Law Enforcement and Security Specialties
Which operation provided the US military it's first experience in urban operations since Vietnam? Operation Just Cause
What was the "First In" Security Forces concept adapted by Air Mobility Command in 1997? Phoenix Raven Program
The military operation launched against the Taliban in December 2001 was called Operation Enduring Freedom
During the Global War on Terrorism, assisting sister services brought about a new nontraditional Security Forces task to convoy Escort Duty
What Security Forces unit conducted the career field's first combat parachute assault? 786th SFS
The mission of all Security Forces is to Protect, Defend, and Fight to enable Air Force, Joint, and Coalition mission success
Which description correctly describes or Security Forces symbol? Falcon over crossed runways
In the Security Forces' unit S-function structure, which "S" branch is typically the largest? S-3/Operations
In the Security Forces' unit S-function structure, which "S" branch maintains the Security Forces Management Information System (SFMIS)? S-5/Plans and Programs
What course must a trainee attend for awarding of the 7-Skill level, Air Force specialty code 3P071? SF Craftsman Resident Course
As a Security Forces member, adhering to what system(s) of guidence ensures mission accomplishment? Code of Conduct and General Orders
Dealing with offenders in a dignified manner adhears to which conduct guidline? Fulfilling the mission
You have failed to follow what general conduct guidline if you issued a traffic based on the violator's race? Personal Attitudes
Your conduct when apprehending suspects should be according to AFI 31-117, Arming and Use of Force by Air Force Personel
At least how many days are required for significant heat acclimation to prevent heat injuries in the Area of Operations? 3 to 5
Which base agency is responsible for routinely testing firing ranges for amounts of lead? Bioenviromental Engineering Section
What is the single most inportant source of viruses in the workplace Blood
Created by: LemmonLime
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