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What is the standard for fiber optic testing for Navy aircraft? NA01-1A-505-4
What is the standard for fiber optic testing for buildings aboard naval installations? TIA-568
What is used to ensure the ability of your fiber system to perform in combat, in theater support and humanitarian roles? Ships Operational Verification Test (SOVT)
Which type of qualified check is often referred to as the "light check"? continuity
Which part of the visual spectrum does the Visual Fault Locator (VFL) operate in? 635 nm - 665 nm
What color is the VLF laser? Red
Which tool is commonly referred to by old timers in the electrical world as "the fox and the hound"? Optical Leak Detector (OLD)
What percent of the light can be blocked by a 1 micrometer dust particle on a single-mode core? 1%
What is the most common cause for degradation in the performance of optical connectors? contamination
A fiberscope is a customized microscope used to inspect optical fiber components. What is the minimum magnification that it should provide? 200x
A microscope with what magnification level should be used to check for deep cracks? 100x
What are the workhorse for most fiber optic installations and repair efforts aboard ships? Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS)
What must be used to set the reference power and testing in order to achieve repeatable results in using the OLTS? measurement quality jumpers
Which formula is used to determine what your loss may be in decibels if you do not have the link dynamic range? Maximum allowable loss (MAL)
What works on wave propagation principles to determine the fiber length, loss, and where any discontinuity in the fiber exists? Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
What is measured in by the OTDR to determine the loss over the length of the fiber? Rayleigh backscatter
How many data points are typically displayed on the OTDR screen? 52,000
What is the typical Index of Refraction for shipboard fiber? 1.46 and 1.49
How long is the launch cable that is attached to the output port of the OTDR? 50 meters
Which relative measurement is used to assess where the losses are greatest in comparison to the rest of the trace or a historical trace from the same fiber? reflectance
If you are testing an optical fiber that is less than how many meters long you should use the OLTS? 50 meters
What is the process known as of emitting optical power into the fiber? launch condition
What gives guidance on all Blown Optical Fiber (BOF) testing? MIL-STD-2042
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