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chap 12&14

final review

location of specialized senses skin, various organs, joints
____ receptors collect info from the enviroment sensory
a persons view of a stimulus is called perception
when the brain becomes aware of a sensory impules it is known as sensation
____ respond to light photoreceptors
____ respond to pressure mechanoreceptors
chemical concentraition changes are dected by chemoreceptors
temp. changes are dected by ____ thermo receptors
____ respond to tissue damages pain receptors
____ corpuscles detect fine touch in dermis meissner's
____ corpuscles detect heavy pressure (Pain) pacinan
simplest recepotrs found in the epithelial tissure are known as ____ _____ _____ free nerve endings
____ receptors respond to temp below 50 pain
____ receptors respond to temp between 50- 68 cold
____ receptors respond to temp between 77-113 warm
____ receptors respond to temp above 113 pain
another term fro the eyelid palpebra
closing the eyelid is the ____ ____ muscle orbicularis oculi
opening the eyelid is the ____ ____ ____ muscle levator palpebra superious
lining the eyelid is the conjuntiva
____ glands secrete oil into the eyelashes tarsal glands
tears are produced by the ____ gland lacrimal
name two types of visual receptors in the retina cones and rods
____ cells detect color vision cones
____ cells detect light rods
name the three pigments found in cone cells erythrolabe, chlorable, cyanolabe
near sightedness can also be called myopia
farsightedness can also be called hyperpia
in myopia where is the focal point of image located with respect to the retina close
in hyperopia where is the focal point of the image located with respect to the retina far away
3 cells in the blood erythrocyte, leukocyte, thrombocyte
where are blood cells produced in the body red bone marrow
erythro means red
leuko white
thrombo to close
avg. sized human has ____ liters of blood in their body 5
name two organs associated with the production of erythropoietin kidneys/ livers
what condition must the body be entering in order for the production of erythropoietin to be stimulated low blood oxygen
life span of RBC 120 days
where are dead RBCs destroyed and the hemoglobin essentially recycled
____ defend against parasitic worms and help moderate allergic reactions esinophils
____ are the first WBC to fight infection neutrophils
____ release heparin and histamine basophils
a high WBC count in condition called leukocytosis
low WBC count is cond. called leukopenia
which blood type is univeral donor 0
which blood is most common AB
which blood type is least common 0
which blood type is universal recipient AB
Created by: Mollie28