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Input impedance of the voltmeter should exceed the impedance of the circuit by a ratio of at least what? 10 to 1
The average value of a DC waveform can vary from 63.6% of peak value for a rectified full sine wave to what percent of peak value for a triangular wave? 50%
The Simpson 260 analog multimeter is capable of measuring both AC and DC voltages of up to how many volts? 5000v
When performing measurements with any analog multimeter, remember that the most accurate readings are taken with the pointer at what location? midscale
What is defined as the apparent displacement of the position of an object because of the difference between two points of view? parallax
What are primarily designed for waveform observation and are typically less accurate than other pieces of test equipment used to measure DC voltages? oscilloscopes
Most analog voltmeters in common use today are accurate to approximately what percent of full-scale reading? +/-2%
The digital multimeter in most cases provides an accuracy of at least what percent? +/-0.1%
In standard oscilloscopes, the vertical amplifier input impedance is generally greater than what, making it possible to measure voltages in high impedance circuits? 1 megohm
Most commonly used oscilloscopes have a frequency response from DC up to what? 100 MHz
The upper frequency limitations of digital multimeters vary from 20KHz to over what? 300Khz
What method of measuring ac voltage is the most accurate of the common measurement techniques? differential voltmeter
Most analog multimeters cannot be used for measuring AC current and are only accurate to within what percent on DC ranges? +/-2%
The Fluke 8000A digital multimeter is accurate to within +/- 0.3% when measuring DC current and what percent when measuring AC current? +/- 1%
What is designed to indicate the presence of current and the relative magnitude of one source of current as compared to another? current tracer
Current probes can be divided into three basic types: passive, active, and what else? hall effect
Meggers produce the large voltages that are required to measure extremely high resistances as high as what? 10,000 megohms
The Fluke 893 AC-DC differential voltmeter can be used for measuring extremely high resistances from 10 megohms to 106 megohms with typical accuracy of what? +/-5%
What is that property of a circuit that produces an electrostatic field when two conducting bodies separated by a dielectric material have a potential applied to them? capacitance
What is the basic measurement of capacitance? Farad
What is the amount of current flow maintained at 1 ampere that passes a given point of a circuit in 1 second? 1 coulomb
Capacitance measurements are usually accomplished by either a bridge-type or a what other type of capacitance meter? reactance-type
What is the ratio of the energy dissipated to the energy stored in a capacitor? dissipation factor
What is the ability of a coil to function as a storehouse of energy in magnetic form and is determined by the shape and dimensions of the coil? inductance
What measures inductance by comparing it with a capacitance and (effectively) two resistances? Maxwell bridge
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