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location of meninges surronds CNS
function of meninges protects brain
layers of meninges dura=outer; piameter=inner; arachnoid=middle
4 ventricles of brian lateral right; lateral left; 3rd and 4th
what is located within the ventricles of the brain CSF
name the structure that connects the 3 and 4th ventricle cerebral aqueduct
____ _____ secrete cerebrospinal fluid chorid plexus
CSF is located in the subarachnoid space
where is an impulse carried by an efferent nuron being carried to effectors
what is an impulse carried by an afferent nuron being carried to CNs
what type of reflex attempts to limit tissue damage withdraw
type of reflex helps maintain proper posture monosynaptic
reflex crosses sensory impules to produce an opp. effect cross extensor
____ tracts of spinal cord carry impules to the muscles and glands desending
____ tracts of spinal cord carry impules to the brain for processing asending
75% of the neurons within the CNS are located in the cerebral cortex
name the 3 parts of the brain stem midbrain,pons, medulla oblongata
slow sleep wave restless; dreamless
REM sleep heart and resp. rate irregular
____ nerve fiber conducts impulses to muscles or glands motor
___ nerve fibers conducts impulses into brain or spinal cord sensory
___ nerve fibers contain both motor nerve fibers and sensory nerve fibers mixed
___ ____ ____ carry motor impulses from the CNs to skeletal muscles general somatic efferent
____ _____ _____ carry motor impules from the CNS to the viscera general visceral efferent
____ _____ _____ carry sensory impules to the CNS from skeletal muscles general somatic afferent
____ _____ _____carry sensory impulesto the CNS from the viscera general visceral afferent
____ _____ _____ carry sensory impules to the brain from olfactory and taste receptors special visceral afferent
____ cranial nerve carries motor impulses that move the eye oculomotor
____ divison of trigeminal nerve serves the upper jaw maxillary
____ divison of trigeminal nerve serves the lower jaw mandible
sensory impulses from taste receptors are carried by the ____ cranial nerve facial
____ cranial nerve carries motor impules to muscles that move the eye abducens
sensory impules from the pharynx, tongue, and tonsils are carried by the ____ cranial nerve glossopharygeal
sensory impulses from hearing receptors are delivered by the _____ cranial nerve cochlear
viscera of the thorax and abdomen are served by the ___ carnial nerve vagus
_____ cranial nerve carries motor impulse to the tongue hypoglossal
motor mucles of the back and neck are served impules by the _____ cranial nerve accesory
temp, hunger, thirst, and visceral functions are controlled by the_______ hypothalamus
regulating heart rate, resp. rate, and blood pressure are controlled by the medulla oblongata
function of the parasympathetic division prepares body for resting and digesting
function of the sympathetic divison prepares body for flight or fight situations
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