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Baking 518

Breakfast Items

Poached eggs Eggs that are removed from their shell and cooked in liquid. Cooked at a lower heat so they don't break up or become rubbery. Add a small amount of vinegar to the water. Poaches for about 3 minutes.
Frittata Italian style, open omelet. Cooked on both sides and served open, not folded. Brown eggs/fillings, then flip over. Thicker than an omelet.
Sunny-side up eggs fried eggs, not flipped over during cooking
Basted eggs fried in butter, hot butter is lightly spooned over the top to cook the yolks
Eggs over cook the eggs till the whites coagulate (thicken), gently flip over and cook till done, don't break the yolk
Simmered eggs Eggs that are cooked in a shell. Examples are coddles, soft cooked, medium cooked, hard cooked.
Coddled (simmered eggs) Eggs that are cooked in their shells for 1-3 minutes.
Soft cooked (simmered eggs) Eggs that are cooked in their shells for 3-5 minutes.
Medium cooked (simmered eggs) Eggs that are cooked in their shells for 5-7 minutes.
Hard cooked (simmered eggs) Eggs that are cooked in their shells 12-15 minutes.
French toast bread soaked in milk and egg mixture, fried on a griddle until golden brown
Scrambled eggs Eggs are beaten with a whisk before they are cooked. Add a small amount of water or milk, creates steam and makes them fluffier. Stir while cooking.
Omelets A fluffy sheet of scrambled egg that is folded or rolled. Stop stirring once the eggs coagulate (start forming).
Denver Omelet includes diced onions, bell peppers, and ham
Greek Omelet includes spinach and feta cheese
Spanish Omelet includes tomato sauce, peppers, and onion
Tortilla Espagnole frittata (served open) with sauteed onions and potatoes
Clarified butter melted butter with liquid separated out, doesn't burn as easily as whole butter
Fried egg (soft) cooked in a pan with fat, whites are cooked but yolk is liquid and runny
Fried egg (medium) cooked in a pan with fat, yolk is thick and sticky, but still liquid
Fried egg (hard) cooked in a pan with fat, yolk is fully coagulated and dry
Bacon in commercial kitchen, bacon is cooked in the oven. Use a sheet pan lined with parchment paper, bake until white fat is not visible
Sausage comes in links or patties (ground meat can be made from pork, turkey, or chicken)
Ham slices or ham steak pan fry or grill to keep it moist and tender
Canadian bacon boneless pork loin cured and smoked like ham, pan fry or grill it
Royale milk and egg batter used to cook French toast
Pancakes hot cakes, form of quick bread leavened with baking soda or powder, batter is runny, cook in pan until golden brown
Waffles form of quick bread, thicker batter, contains more fat than pancake batter, cook in pre-heated waffle iron
Farina- hot cereals cereal made from processed and ground wheat
Grits - hot cereals cereal made from coarsely ground hominy corn
Rice - hot cereals starchy cereal made from rice that is cracked and cooked until smooth
Cornmeal mush- hot cereals coarsely ground corn that is cooked into porridge
Oatmeal - hot cereals comes in rolled oats (smooth, cook faster) and steel cut (coarse, longer to cook)
American omelet American omelet fillings are added to the pan at the same time as eggs, cooked until the outside is brown, removed from pan, folded in half.
European omelet European omelet- eggs are partially cooked before the fillings are added. Eggs are cooked until smooth (not browned). Folded three times, looks like a roll.
Created by: KFreeh