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Baking 516


Yeast microscopic fungus that converts (changes) sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, this process makes the dough rise
Leavener substance that produces air bubbles that causes dough to rise (examples are baking soda and baking powder)
doughnut cutter handheld cutting tool that cuts out a circle with a smaller circle inside (makes a doughnut shape)
deep fry using very hot oil (360-385 degrees F) to cook food
beignet souffle when eclair paste (pate a choux) is fried
beignet small square of fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar, eaten warm
churro strip of fried dough that is dusted with sugar or cinnamon, eaten as a snack
fritter fried batter that is filled with bits of fruit, vegetables, or meat
smoke point temperature at which oil starts to smoke
proof also called proofing, proving, or blooming the final rising of dough before frying, while proofing the doughnuts will rise, increasing in size
Created by: KFreeh